Father's day and marijuana-Día del padre y la marihuana

Father’s day and marijuana in Vancouver

88 percent of Vancouver fhaters who use cannabis want to be given marijuana on Father’s Day

It’s Sunday, June 16, Father’s Day in Canada. Upon waking, a father of 55 years, married and with two adult children, is expected a tie or aftershave lotion as a gift from the father.

However, his wife and two children surprise him. When he opens his gift he finds an ounce (28 grams) of high quality marijuana. His face says it all: he cannot be happier.

Can you imagine this conversation between a mother and her son? The son asks his mother what he could buy for his father as a gift for Father’s Day. The mother tells him not to worry, to buy him good marijuana. Is it surreal? It is not; at least it is not in Vancouver (Canada).

According to a survey in Vancouver, the vast majority of fathers who use cannabis prefer marijuana as a gift before anything else. The survey was conducted by Lift & Co. Corp. The result was overwhelming because 88 percent of Canadian parents who use cannabis habitually say they prefer marijuana before any other gift.

Younger fathers are the most open to receiving a “green gift.” Specifically, 90 percent of parents between the ages of 25 and 54 declared themselves openly willing to receive this gift on the big day.

Fathers over 55 years of age accounted for 60 percent of the survey. And 45% of the parents expressed their desire to receive this type of gift from their spouses; Father’s day or any other day.

88 percent of Canadian parents believe that responsible cannabis use is the same as responsible alcohol consumption. The question is to consume it with moderation.

As cannabis infusions and marijuana foods in Canada are still not legal, this year it has not been possible to water them to the parents. However, it is possible that you can give them the next Christmas. The new law wants to legalize these products derived from cannabis on December 16, announced the federal government on June 14.

This is the first Father’s Day since the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

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