Use weeds to make the best cannabis fertilizer

Use weeds to make the best cannabis fertilizer

Turn weeds in a rich nutrients fertilizer.

If you live in the country and/or you have access to green areas where weeds are everywhere, don’t look at these plants as bad plants. Curiously, in many languages weeds are named “bad plants”. But I prefer to call them the “best miners”. Why? Because they are specialized in mining. They manage to find all the minerals available and concentrate them in their roots and leaves.

Some weeds are able to get few minerals. But there are weeds, like Dandelion, that have all the nutrients your cannabis plants may need. Therefore you can turn your weeds in a highly rich nutrients fertilizer. Just do your weed tea!

It is easy to make and will give your garden a boost of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, boron, copper, manganese, sulfur, iron and silicon. In other words, all the macro and micro nutrients your cannabis plants need to give you the best buds.

So-called weeds, especially those with very deep roots such as dandelions, have mined excellent minerals and other essential nutrients from the soil. They store these nutrients in their roots and leaves. When you pull up these weeds and simply throw them out, you are wasting the minerals and nutrients. Turning the weeds into liquid fertilizer returns the nutrients to the soil.

How to make your weed tea

Get a large bucket with a lid. But never ever use metallic container. Metal kills bacteria.

Put the pulled-up weeds (including both roots and leaves) in the bucket.

Add water. Put about 8 cups of water in the bucket for every pound of weeds.

Cover the bucket with the lid. But don’t close it. The question is to leave the oxygen to flow but don’t let the light from the sun get in contact with the liquid. UV light kills the EM (Efficient Microorganisms)

Leave the bucket for 2 to 4 weeks. But you must stir the tea at least 3 times a day. Use a wood stick for this purpose.

Strain it using a T shirt made of cotton or a panty hose. The liquid is what you will need to use on your garden. After you have strained the liquid, it is done.

Dilute it before using, at the rate of 1 part weed tea to 10 parts water. Then pour it on the soil at the base of your plants. To use it as a fertilizing foliar spray, dilute it until the color of the liquid is like a weak tea. Obviously, the best way to know how much it must be diluted is using an EC meter. Decide the EC you need and proceed. But if you don’t have a meter just dilute it until it has the color of tea. At that point it will have an EC about 1,00 milisiemens.

There are several weeds that have all the nutrients needed for a perfect cannabis culture. Check them out on internet. But if you use fern or dandelion, be sure your plants will need no more. Save your money and recycle your weeds.

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