Tenebrio Molitor

Tenebrio Molitor. Best way to grow cannabis in guerrilla culture

Tenebrio Molitor: your best ally for your autoflowering plants

Tenebrio Molitor. Guerrilla culture is becoming one of the most versatile ways to grow cannabis due to different factors. In this article we are talking about autoflowerring cannabis plants. But the tips we are going to give you are equally functional for all kind of plants.

Today is August, the eleventh, and, provided you did things properly, you must be about to harvest your plants. This is the main advantage of autoflowerring plants. You can have excellent marijuana when nobody else has it. Well, at least this happened some years ago. Nowadays most growers know this possibility and they tend to cultivate this type of cannabis, besides the feminized ones, that will be ready by the end of September or beginning of October.

It is true that autoflowering strains are less powerful than feminized or regular ones. But having fresh marijuana in the beginning of August is a real pleasure. These plants normally haven’t more than a 6% of THC. But, as we wrote in other article, this amount is more than enough to get nicely high.

Other of the best factors to count with when we cultivate autoflowering cannabis, is how easily they can be hide them from indiscreet views. And because of this, it is very common to grow them choosing guerrilla culture.

Unfortunately, guerrilla cultures have many dangers. Specially those problems coming from insects and pests that live in the same area. To properly understand this problem you must think as a human being. Imagine you live always in a place where you are always given the same food. Suddenly, one day you discover a different possibility. One day you find a T – bone steak instead of the daily lentils. What will you choose? Don’t think this comparison is absurd. Bugs have sense of taste and smell as we have too. Therefore, when they discover a new menu, they attack like crazy.

They are used to the same weeds that naturally thrive in their area. When you plant a cannabis plant, the smell they perceive is very tempting. But on top of it we add sweet and smelly products (fertilizers) that make the plants even tastier.

One of the best things to do to avoid risks is removing all the surrounding weeds around our cannabis plant. But when we do this, we are leaving our plant without a proper hideout. Your plant will become much more visible. And, in the other hand, this is not enough to cheat the pests and insects. The better and more organic is your fertilizer, the more it smells.

A good praxis is to grow nearby some plants like garlic, rosemary or thyme. Most of pests hate their smell and try to avoid it. But, again, it is a very basic defense. Sooner or later they will get through and get rid of your plants.

There are in the market some products like bacillus thuringensis that properly used is an excellent option to repel insects and pathogens. But they all have a problem. You must use it again every ten days, more or less, because if not it is useless. As soon as the odor disappears a little bit, the product is good for nothing.

Tenebrio MolitorIs there any organic product that works against pathogens during the whole life of the plant? Yes indeed. It is named quitina and comes from an insect called Tenebrio Molitor. It is a larva of the flour beetle. This larva defecates quitina that, once mixed, with the soil, becomes the most efficient product against all kind of insects, microbes and pests that can attack our cannabis plants.

The properties of quitina in this sense are well known by the botanists. However, five years ago, an American company specialized in organic and bio products, discovered a formula to improve its efficiency and, on top of it, add all the macro and micro nutrients necessary for the perfect growth of our plants.

It is very efficient. I personally follow the instructions given by the company and from the day I started to use it on, I never ever had any problem. This company adds nutrients with N P K of 4 4 3. The compound must be mixed with the soil previous to the cultivation. Once the quitina has been mixed with the soil and our plant, seed or clon has been put in its place, the product immediately becomes systemic. This means it becomes part of the physiology of our plants. It will remain on the inside and will reject any attack with absolute efficiency. It is inexpensive. You must mix a simple 2% of the quitina with the soil and that is it. The company recommends adding on the surface of each plant a full spoon of the product once every 15 days. But this is more for the extra fertilization than to solve the problems with plagues.

I really recommend the readers to use this product because the final result is extraordinary. Not only you will have not pathogens; your plants will be much healthier too. The healthier the plant , the better flowers it will give you.

Therefore, use a little bit of the stool of this beetle and your plants will never ever suffer a severe problem anymore. Use it with your guerrilla plants and with your regular ones too. Because pathogens don’t notice any difference between these two types of culture. But it is true that when it comes to guerrilla culture, the risks are higher. If you want to read more about this wonder, put in Google the words quitina tenebrio molitor and you will find the best company. Anyway, the product is available in many cannabis shops. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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