Spannabis begins today

Spannabis 2019 begins today

Spannabis 2019, the most important cannabis fair in Europe, begins today

The 15th, 16th and 17th of March takes place in Barcelona this famous cannabis fair

If you have never attended the event, it is going to be quite shocking. It is incredible the enormous amount of people that every year visits Spannabis. The pavilion is divided in two parts: interior and exterior. No matter where you are: it is always full of happy faces enjoying good weed and having nice time. Officially smoking in not allowed but the reality is different. As soon as you set foot there, the smoke will embrace you. The atmosphere created in Spannabis in unique. Be ready to have a lot of fun visiting its 300 stands.

Yesterday, the 14th of March, took place the alliance between the ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) and Spannabis fair. Both events wanted to create a super conference to debate about the enormous potential of cannabis

And today, 15th of March, begins the XVI edition of the fair itself. During this Spannabis fair, the seventh edition of the World Cannabis Conferences takes place. The conferences will debate about the real situation of cannabis today. Important lecturers from all over the world will present the last studies on hemp and its alternative uses. Of course, the debates will center on the medical and recreational cannabis and the different opportunities for entrepreneurs. The conference ends with an interview and after-party with Damian Marley, the youngest son of Bob Marley, who is the Master of ceremonies. He has stated his personal interest in the legalization of cannabis and the industry related to it.

With a constant increase in the number of visitor, this year the fair has been expanded for both stands and food trucks. Moreover, this year Spannabis offers its visitors a free legal cabinet in order to allow the public to consult and ask for their legal issues and problems.

Spannabis is the tower of Babel of cannabis. Wherever you go you hear people speaking Spanish, English, German, Dutch, Israeli and many other languages from all over the world.

Music in Spannabis 2019

As usually, music will be an important point to entertain the visitors. Reggae musicians and famous DJs such as Chalart58 – Matah & Classy Horns, Sista Livity & Good Over Evil, DJ Rambla, Mina’s Collective, Warriors of Dub, Mahom Dub, Full Dub, Weeding Dub, Karlixx, Purple Rocket, Green Beats, Psygroo will delight the audience.

But the event is not meant to simply have fun. Thousands of professionals from all over the world meet in Spannabis every year. As we said, the number of visitors is increasing year after year.

Spannabis 2019 will be the world center for the hemp industry. About 300 cannabis companies will present their stands and show the most remarkable national and international brands of the sector. Clothes, footwear, food and drinks that are made from hemp and articles and tools to grow Cannabis Sativa are some of the several commercial proposals you will discover at Spannabis.

The best cannabis seeds bank in the world is there. Everything related to cannabis have presence in the fair: banks of seeds, accessories and tools, grow cabinets, BHO extraction machines, CO2 machines, extraction and injectors, climate regulators, fertilizers, hydroponics products, gadgets to dry and cure your weed, illumination, insecticides, measurement instruments, culture kits, paraphernalia, pots and trays, cannabis beer, mothers and cuttings, merchandising and more. Everything related to cannabis is available at Spannabis.

Awards Spannabis 2019

The last day the jury of the fair awards the following prizes:

Best seed bank

Best nutrients

Best paraphernalia product

Best culture product

Best hemp product

Best vaporizer

Best new product

Best stand

No matter if you are amateur, professional or activist. Spannabis 2019 is an event that all cannabis lovers should visit.

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