The largest cannabis project in the world

Argentina. The largest cannabis project in the world

Another country that has seen a great opportunity in cannabis production

Argentina does not want to lose the opportunity to stay behind the extraordinary business related to cannabis that is emerging all over the world. This country has enormous resources and, however, it continues being a relatively poor nation. The rate of unemployment is quite high and the difference between poor and rich is remarkable.

Therefore, in the province of Jujuy the government has seen in this project a splendid way to make money and fight the rate of unemployment. How? They are using cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. But it is not simple cannabis. They are trying to grow strains with very high levels of THC and CBD. For this project they have the cooperation of Player’s Network, Inc.

Few months ago the only cannabis based product allowed in the country was CBD oil, which was meant to be distributed among different hospitals that were studying the refractory epilepsy. No other purpose was allowed. The situation has changed and now this new product begins to produce enormous quantities of recreational and medical cannabis with very high levels of THC and CBD.

Player’s Network, Inc.(PNTV), a fast growing cannabis company has signed a deal with the province of Jujuy . In fact they have created a binding memorandum of understanding. According to the terms signed between these two entities, the Joint Venture will be soon growing cannabis across a very large area in the province of Jujuy. The Joint Venture is a new born company created between Green Leaf Farms Jujuy and Cannabis Avatãra Sociedad del Estado. It belongs to the province of Jujuy and it is going to supply all the cannabis derived oils necessary for clinical essays in every hospital in the country and much more. They will produce and export.

What makes the difference with the previous legal status of cannabis production In Argentina? The difference is enormous, because the Joint Venture is going to expand the trajectory in order to legally grow, extract, manufacture and, above all, export, cannabis derived products to all the countries in the world where these products are legal. This includes USA, Canada and several states that sooner than later will legalize weed. The Joint Venture will produce industrial hemp, marijuana and cannabis derived oils.

Green Leaf Farms was created in the USA. Taking advantage of the experience in the cannabis sector, the new created division Green Leaf Farms Jujuy begins to operate in Argentina, in the province of Jujuy. This province is located in the north of Argentina, just besides the Andes. The climate is perfect to grow cannabis. Joint Venture is going to be the largest cannabis project in the world.

For this project it has been selected a farm which is 100 years old. It has not been easy to reach an agreement among the different parts involved in the project. It has been guaranteed the supply of fresh water that comes from two rivers. And a source of electric power has been created too. Moreover, the zone has an airport that guarantee the international access at just five miles away.

The land given to the Joint Venture to develop the project is 1000 times bigger than any other legal cannabis farm in the USA. As we said, it is the largest project in the world.

Every single part of the project is being deeply studied. Green Leaf moved its team of experts to the area. This team has made a complex planning in order to start the first outdoors cultures now, in January 2019. But the project is very large and will include greenhouses. In the beginning the project is starting dividing the zone in several parcels. As soon as they check how the different parts of the project go, they will expand the culture area. The expansion will depend on the demand of the market too. But the expectations are excellent.

Moreover, Green Leaf Farms Jujuy is going to build a whole campus to help the project to expand. It will have several buildings and laboratories to study the different phases of production and distribution. It has been estimated that more than 1000 Argentine citizens will be employed once the project is working. More than 1000 jobs in a province with a large rate of unemployment is a remarkable number.

In fact, most citizens and politicians are more than happy with the project. Governor Morales stated that “ We see in the development of the production and industrialization of cannabis for medical purposes the possibility of accomplish the law and allow thousands of people to have legal access to medical cannabis. Moreover, we have a chance to change the production matrix in Jujuy, the creation of thousands of jobs and the transference of knowledge and technology. We are working very closely with the national authorities in security questions with the backup of the Ministry of Heath of the Nation. This challenge that we have begun with Green Leaf Farms is going to have a great impact in Argentine and the whole area”

Mark Bradly, CEO of PNTV, stated: “This project is one of the biggest professional challenges in my career. I worked very hard during the last months with an excellent team of consultants and Argentine leaders. I am pleased that this vision becomes a reality thanks to this deal. My goal is to cure the world through the cannabis oils and to promote prosperity through the creation of economic opportunities for Argentine people, the shareholders of Players Network and our international partners. I praise the governor Morales for his vision and courage to see the benefits of medical cannabis and we expect to work with his awesome team of visionaries, including Gastón Morales and Lucas Macedo, who made this project possible”

Not too long ago, Player’s Network (PNTV) was a humble company. But in the last months it has grown very rapidly, becoming an important company that is quoted in the market OTC-PNTV. It owns Green Leaf Farms Holding, which has growing licenses in Nevada and California. No doubt it is becoming a great company in the cannabis sector in the USA and if it continues developing projects such as the one in Jujuy, is going to become much more important very soon. They want to continue their adventure to expand the potential with projects like Joint Venture because they are sure the world is changing its mentality towards cannabis and its financial potential. In fact, it is only a question of time that many other countries legalize weed. Many countries with the perfect climate to grow cannabis and high unemployment rates can find a solution legalizing cannabis.

Countries like Spain, with a very high rate of unemployment. The country has more than 250.000 square kilometers in the south, with the perfect climate to grow cannabis. On top of it, the south of Spain has the highest rate of unemployment in the country. Little by little some companies are emerging and now in the province of Granada, an important company that produces CBD oils is operating. The example of Argentina should help the politicians to make up their minds and begin taking advantages of a perfect climate and a tremendous financial situation. Legal cannabis has proved to be a very good business, able to reduce the terrible problem for millions of jobless citizens.

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