Smoking cannabis in San Francisco

Smoking cannabis in San Francisco

Where can you legally smoke it?

Smoking cannabis in San FranciscoCalifornia legalized cannabis on January 1st, 2018. This date meant the beginning of a new era for the United States. From that day on weed was accessible to most of Americans. There are stores and dispensaries to buy small quantities of cannabis in the most important cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.. Anyone who is over the age of 21 is legally allowed to buy cannabis products from state-approved dispensaries. In the city of San Francisco (CA), there is a dispensary where you can smoke what you buy. But, where can you smoke it?

The Barbary Coast Lounge

“There’s nothing like this in Jersey,”- said a customer who was shocked by the special atmosphere. In fact, there’s nothing like the Barbary Coast lounge in the US. Because it is very easy to find dispensaries to buy your cannabis but when it comes to smoke it the situation becomes much more difficult. Only California allows smoking marijuana at marijuana retailers dispensaries. But they must have special lounges for it. Anyway, the regulation also allows cities to prohibit these kinds of shops.

Being the city of freedom not surprisingly San Francisco is the pioneer. It’s the only city in the California to fully embrace Amsterdam-like coffee shops. No wonder this means a great opportunity for cannabis tourism. There are places like, in the Netherlands where you can buy and smoke marijuana in the same shop.

These places are required to install systems to prevent heating, promote a good ventilation and air conditioning systems in order to avoid the typical marijuana smell from sneaking out. Seeing the good results other cities near San Francisco Bay are preparing their installations to get the same license.

West Hollywood city has approved laws to grant eight more licenses. In Alameda, a very small town in the area of San Francisco is about to grant two. And in Oakland and South Lake Tahoe have one each.

Many businessmen in California complain about the fact of not having enough places where cannabis lovers can enjoy smoking their favorite plant in a safe way. He asks the politicians to increase the number of places where smoking weed is legal. But for now it is just an idea, not a reality.

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