The NFL May Change Rules Around Cannabis Use

The NFL may change rules around Cannabis use

The National Football League is considering loosening its policies towards cannabis, according to a recent report from NBC Sports. According to reports from the network, the NFL is ready to conduct significant adjustments concerning the substance-abuse policy, mainly as it links to marijuana. The NFL is also discussing with players on the issue. Sports experts believe that the NFL would consider the offer of any modification of the substance abuse policy as a way to gain the upper hand in negotiations and anticipate agreements from the players union in return. The league has a high potential to remove cannabis from its substance-abuse policy completely. While most people believe that this adjustment will make some players who are free agents to sign favor teams in legal marijuana states.

Most NFL players are already expressing their feelings towards these new rumors. After numerous social media platforms reported the issue, Dallas Cowboys defensive end David Irving, who was recently suspended from the league, replied by posting a critical statement about the NFL’s current policy.

Irving replied by saying that “Well once they do that, give me a call,” “Cuz it’s bulls–t how I have Xanax bars n hydros right next to me to take, given to me by the NFL of course. However, we can’t smoke the same weed the staff itself smokes.”

Irving received a four-game ban at the start of the 2018 season after he tested positive for a banned substance. He won another suspension at the beginning of the month for his refusal to accept the league’s substance-abuse policy.

According to a statement from Kyle Turley, a former NFL offensive lineman who is a marijuana enthusiast and chief of CBD athletic supplements brand Neuro XPF, marijuana to a preferable alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Turley also said that he discusses with the chief medical officer of the NFL and understands the use of cannabis and he is ready to push it forward.

According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the meeting he had with representatives of the National Football League Players Association about cannabis signified that the league is monitoring the problem.

Goodell said that physician’s cannabis recommendations are based on data and the science behind it. “The union and the NFL are working hand in hand on the issue. Dee, the NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and Goodell have been discussing the issue.

Goodell also mentioned hesitance that could permit players to use cannabis over the last couple of years.

According to Goodell’s statement to the NFL, when you smoke marijuana, you ingest smoke, which is not considered as a common thing. He also acknowledged that cannabis is addictive and said that most cannabis compounds are not safe for players over the long run.

But the NFL has taken minimal measures in implementing its substance abuse policy concerning cannabis. Even though these policies have been halted, players including Josh Gordon, Martavis Bryant, and Randy Gregory had the opportunity to comply due to their past suspensions of one year or longer although the rules show a no tolerance policy for drug use.

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