Nebraska Prosecutors set to Dismiss Case against CBD Store Owners

Nebraska prosecutors set to dismiss case against CBD store owners

Prosecutors in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska have decided to dismiss a criminal case against a mother and son who launched a CBD shop. The choice to dismiss the case could have significant legal impacts for CBD in Nebraska State. Most instantly, the general case features the controversy and tension surrounding CBD under Nebraska state law. Significantly, within that situation, the choice to withdraw the case could clear the path for a more clean approach to CBD in the state.

Scotts Bluff County Attorney Dave Eubanks recently affirmed that his office would dismiss the will charges against Heather and Dreyson Beguin.

The team of mother and son were faced with criminal charges for establishing and running a CBD store which started last year.

In 2018, Scotts Bluff police searched their shop. Afterward, Heather and Dreyson were both detained, and the two of them were set to face serious felony charges. They were specifically charged with felony counts of handing out a controlled substance.

Before their scheduled court cases, the county attorney chooses to cancel the case. According to Eubanks statement, the office is more focused on doing essential things than prosecuting people for a substance “that can’t even make you get high.”

He instead told the press that his office would focus more on meth. Furthermore, the county attorney stated that his office would also instead concentrate on prosecuting more violent crimes in contrast to something like selling or consuming CBD.

After all, charges were dropped, Heather and Dreyson stated their plan to re-launch their CBD store.

The case of Beguin mentions a lot of the legal controversy that still surrounds CBD. Firstly, the cops searched the Beguin’s store due to a memo released by Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson.

His message stated that CBD and CBD oil are illegal controlled substances since they originate from the hemp plant. But the Beguins and other people all over the state are not in favor of Peterson’s decision.

Heather Beguin said that they wouldn’t have done this if they weren’t ethically in the right.

However, current federal legislation in the time due to the Beguins arrest tend to offer a doorway to explain the issue of CBD. In 2018, an Agricultural Improvement Act was signed by the President.

Also called the “Farm Bill,” this law established various updates to various government agencies. Most significantly for the Beguin’s case is the fact that the Farm Bill also expunged hemp from the rundown of federal controlled substances.

Primarily, the Farm Bill differentiates cannabis and hemp. And it permits the production of hemp, including CBD and CBD products.

Added to the updates that this bill brings to the federal law, news sources in Nebraska also mention that state lawmakers are seeking for means to understand Nebraska’s stance on CBD.

Particularly, Omaha senator Justin Wayne said that lawmakers are working to change state laws that would legalize hemp and hemp-infused CBD legal. Surprisingly, residents in Nebraska strongly favor the legalization of medical cannabis.

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