Lawmakers in Tennessee Introduce New, Comprehensive Medical Marijuana Bill

Lawmakers in Tennessee introduce new, comprehensive Medical Marijuana bill

Recently, two state lawmakers in Tennessee declared that they want to launch a comprehensive medical marijuana legalization bill. According to media reports, Senator Janice Bowling and Rep. Ron Travis wish to initiate a bill in the in the future.

According to Bowling statement in a press release, cannabis can be part of the answer to the national epidemic of deaths related to opioid overdose.

Bowling said that she has been fighting against opioids and pill addiction. Opioids have become a severe problem for people living in Tennessee. She also stated that their constituents could utilize a natural and trustworthy alternative for pain relief that is not regulated or forced by Big Pharma. She added that when she sees medical studies which show that states with medical cannabis programs had a high drop in opioid prescription use and overdoses.

If the bill successfully passes, patients with specific qualifying health issues would have the ability to receive a medical marijuana identification card which will permit them to buy marijuana legally. A commission would be established to control the access of patients, license cultivators, and retailers. Bowling stated that the experience of other states was also used to draft this medical cannabis solution for Tennessee.

Bowling wanted a new bill that is based explicitly in Tennessee and carries the best of what was successful in different states and eliminates what did not. This bill delivered what Bowling wanted, and the legislature has not yet considered that kind of bill. The Bowling-Travis bill establishes an effective system to permit cultivation, production, and dispensing operations.

The executive director of the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Trade Association, Glenn Anderson, declared his support for the bill.

Anderson said that the bill signifies a clinical look at what different states have battled against to focus on the successes and eliminate repeated failures. He also stated that he is ready to work with the legislature to pass a bill that offers that grants access to the medications needed by patients.

According to Travis, lawmakers are responsible for offering residents of Tennessee with access to alternative medical therapies.

Travis said that as he learns the various medical cannabis products available in other states, he is worried that people in Tennessee can’t find relief for children suffering from a different severe medical condition like epileptic seizures or cancer. The amount of individuals that can be helped with cannabis is massive. He also said that he is looking forward to working with Senator Bowling on the bill. Travis wants Tennessee to be at the forefront of serving citizens, new industry and technology.

Polls show that a high percentage of Tennesseans are in strong favor for the legalization of medical marijuana. In 2018, Sen. Steve Dickerson and Rep. Bryan Terry initiated a more strict medical marijuana legalization bill called the Tennessee Responsible Use of Medicinal Plants Act – or TRUMP Act. According to Terry, the bill was named after the president due to his support for medical marijuana.

Terry said that Tennessee heavily voted for President Trump, and highly favors President Trump.

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