Marijuana Smoking will be treated similarly to Cigarette Smoking in Ontario

Marijuana Smoking will be treated similarly to Cigarette Smoking in Ontario

Marijuana Smoking will be treated similarly to Cigarette Smoking in the province of Ontario

Officials in Ontario have clarified the rules concerning cannabis retail shops and public cannabis consumption in the province. According to the statement from the officials, the province of Ontario will consider marijuana smoking the same as cigarette smoking, classify both drugs under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. However, despite the clarification, there are a few restrictions which will still apply to offenses related to cannabis and will carry heavy fines.

The general election which was carried out in Ontario in the month of June moved the balance of power within the competing parties. The Progressive Conservative party of Doug Ford’s emerged with a 76 seat majority in a parliament of 124-member. When the party immediately came into power, a series of changes to Ontario’s cannabis regulations was declared by incumbents. The shift in changes signifies an important end to the method that was established by the previous Liberal government.

During previous years, the province of Ontario was responsible for operating all cannabis retail stores under the control of the Liquor Control Board of the province of Ontario. The theory from the Liberal government was that the LCBO could do better in managing and regulating supply. The Liberal government was also planning to ban the public consumption of marijuana, which has raised more worries concerning qualified individuals can legally consume marijuana if the smoking of marijuana was banned at their apartment or residential area.

At the beginning of the year, Progressive Conservatives declared that the province of Ontario would allow cannabis businesses which are privately owned and operated in addition to LCBO-controlled shops to sell marijuana. However, this change in policy was the main reason why sales were delayed at the beginning of the retail season for almost six months. On the 17th of October, the rest of Canada will be able to legally purchase cannabis, but resident in the province of Ontario will need to be patient for almost six months before they will be eligible to buy cannabis from the LCBO online.

Currently, the provincial government of Ford has specified how the province of Ontario would manage the inquiries concerning the public consumption of marijuana. Following examples from provinces such as Alberta, Ontario which will give people permission to publicly consume cannabis anywhere the smoking of tobacco is permitted. Thus both tobacco and cannabis will be scheduled under the rules of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

On July 1, 2017, the Smoke-Free Ontario Act came became widely recognized. This act bans the smoking of cannabis and tobacco on outdoor patios at bars or restaurants, childcare facilities or the working area of health care workers including hospitals and commonly guarded areas such as hotel lobbies. However, the Act bans the smoking of tobacco in motor vehicles only if there is a child in the car. It also bans the smoking of cannabis in motor vehicles (including boats) under any situation. However, any public area that isn’t part of the Act’s restrictions, is considered a fair game for cannabis smokers. Thus by now, the parks and public streets in Ontario will become very aromatic.

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