12-Year-Old with Epilepsy Hospitalized after Being Deprived of CBD Oil

12-Year-Old with Epilepsy hospitalized after being deprived of CBD Oil

Health officials transported a 12-year-old boy called Billy Caldwell to the hospital after he went through various epileptic seizures. According to British media, emergency medications did not succeed to treat 12-year-old Billy from a severe intractable epileptic seizure.

Billy Caldwell was quickly transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington by first responders. Billy is currently unstable and fighting to survive at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.

Reports state that the government of the U.K has the medicine that could save Billy’s life, but refuse to give it to him.

Billy’s mother Charlotte Caldwell said her son was dying and the U.K government did nothing about it. The only treatment for the thing that can save him is his anti-epileptic medication, which is inaccessible on the Home Office desk.

Billy had long been using a cannabis oil medicine called Tilray for the treatment of his critical epilepsy. CBD is the most active ingredient in the drug called Tilray. However, the drug is also composed of a high amount of THC to consider it a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the U.K. Billy started treating his epilepsy in the United States, and in 2017, he became the only patient in the U.K. to acquire a prescription from the National Health Service to receive medicinal cannabis.

But last month, the government of the U.K stopped giving his prescriptions. So Billy and his mother went to Canada to get help since they were only one dose left of Billy’s medication. The Canadian Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto refilled their supply of medicine when they arrived.

When Billy and his mom came back to the U.K., officials at the border working at Heathrow Airport seized Billy’s medication. Since then, the U.K government has refused to return Billy’s medication to him even though Charlotte meets with Home Office policing Minister Nick Hurd two times to plead on behalf of her son.

Even though Billy was healthy when he used to take his medication, he changed drastically when he stopped taking it. Billy started regaining his seizures when he was deprived of his dose. This was followed by a number of seizures.

Charlotte resisted border officials when they confiscated her son’s medicine at the airport.

She said that she will go back to Canada and get more medication because her son needs to constantly take the medication in order to stay healthy.

However, due to Billy’s deteriorating physical condition, his mom is now skeptical that she and her son might run out of options.

According to Charlotte, what the government officials are doing to Billy is beyond cruelty. The condition of Billy won’t permit him to travel and get his medication, but his drugs are lying on the desk of the Home office which is minutes away from her home.

Charlotte thanked the healthcare professionals who are taking care of Billy but she fears that without the boy’s medicine, their efforts to save him may fail.

Charlotte said that although the NHS is doing their best and honest efforts, frontline doctors are trying to save Billy without any strategy because the only medicine that can save him is cannabis oil with CBD and THC. Billy’s medications need to be given to him and if he dies, then the Home Office and Nick Hurd will take the blame.

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