How to create your Lactic type bacteria

How to create your Lactic type bacteria

L- type bacteria. The best way to improve your soil

I am going to explain the way I use to produce my own lactic type bacteria that I use to create a rich soil able to produce the best crops and much more.


1 glass full of rice
2 glasses of plain water ( without chlorine)
Kitchen paper

lactic type bacteria
Mixing the white water with milk

We put the equivalent in rice of a full glass (1/4 liter) in a plastic container. I always use a plastic gadget. Never use copper or metal because it will kill bacteria.. I cover the rice with double amount of water. In this case is two glasses of clean water. Later I cover with a piece of kitchen paper the container and I leave it on top of my refrigerator for a couple of days. Leave it in any place with warm temperature.








lactic type bacteria
Two days after mixing the rice with water

Two days later, I retire the rice and keep the “white water” that is left. I mix the white water with a double amount of milk. It can be whole fat milk or whatever. Once again I leave the mixture in the same type of container and cover it with kitchen paper. Two or three days later I have a look. The mixture looks like yogurt. It has certain semi solid parts and serum.

Using a syringe a take the serum out and leave the “cheese”. This “cheese” can be used to feed the animals of the farm or throw it away if you want. The important issue is the serum.




How to create your Lactic type bacteria
Extracting the serum

I dilute one part of serum in 5 parts of clean water and stir it. Once is well mixed I add honey (5 parts of the mixture with 1 part of honey). The product is done. Every time we want to use it we have to mix the final product with 10 parts of water.

I usually spray the leaves of my plants or mix it with the soil. Thanks to the honey (it can be cheap honey) the number of bacteria becomes enormous.




lactic type bacteria
Mixing the serum with honey

I use it too to clean my digestive system and to clean the pipes of the house when they smell badly. This is because the L type bacteria kill the pathogens bacteria responsible of the bad odor.

One way or another, these bacteria are very helpful to enhance the growth of our plants and to enrich the soils. The L – Type bacteria kills only the pathogens bacteria and leaving the rest undisturbed.

We can keep the product in every place provided is not too hot. It will last more than one year.

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