Amrut Jal

Amrut Jal. Feed your soil, not your plants

When I see the prices of certain fertilizers, I try to figure out what traditional farmers should think about it. It must be difficult to believe for them. One single liter of X product can cost up to 20 euros! How much would you need to fertilize jundreds of acres of soil? It is unthinkable.

Cannabis, hemp or marijuana, is just another plant. In India has religious connotations but it continues being a plant. In a country where poverty is endemic, spending money in fertilizers is crazy. Not only in India; most of the farmers don’t know what a growshop is. They simply don’t need them.

In India, cannabis is sacred. And cows too. In this country dung and urine from the cows is considered the best fertilizer. The question is to enhance the quality of the soil. “Don’t feed the plants; feed the soil” – is their motto. This saying comes from the Veda hey days and it continues being used among the farmers to grow ganja.

How to prepare it

1 – 1 liter of cow dung

2 – 1 liter of cow urine

3 – 10 liters of water

One single gm of cow dung contains millions of microbes. These multiply when fermented after 3 days and speed up decomposition. The microbes activity reaches its highest peak on fourth day and after it becomes to decline. Therefore, the Amrut Jal should be used on fourth day in order to obtain the best results.

Cow urine contains 24 nutrients. It is like salt to our food. It adds taste. Cow urine makes the compost tasty for the microbes.

4 – Top Soil. Top soil should be collected by scrapping the layers (only 1 centimeter) of unturned soil and never by digging. The top soil is necessary because it contains essential minerals along with dormant forms of microbes. By using this topsoil with the bio mass (leaves) we are providing an atmosphere to activate the dormant microbes. The microbes become active when we mix the topsoil with the moist biomass (leaves).
After the leaves dry, soak them in Amrut Jal for 24 hours. By soaking it for 24 hours all the veins in the leaves branches will get saturated with this Amrut Jal. This Amrut Jal also provides microbes, which help to accelerate the decomposing process.

When it comes to enhance our soil we have to put the biomass watered with Amrut Jal over the soil and wait. Little by little you will see how the ground changes the color to black and become full of earths worms. This is the signal to be sure your soil is excellent. Hindus grow their cannabis plants using Amrut Jal and the results seem to be excellent.

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