International Cannabis Business Conference will begin in Berlin in March 2019

(ICBC) International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin in March 2019

(ICBC) International Cannabis Business Conference will begin in Berlin in March 2019

ICBC is becoming one of the most important events for the cannabis industry in Europe

ICBC Berlin.. The event will take place in Berlin between March, 31 and April, 2. at the Maritim Proarte Hotel. With about 60 countries attending the event, this meeting celebrated in Berlin (Germany) is something you shouldn’t miss.

Germany’s medical cannabis program is growing so rapidly, that many European countries are following the example. Top cannabis industry investors, medical doctors and all kind of experts from Europe and the whole world will be there.

Probably, among the many speakers who will delight the audience, the most expected and important is Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli Professor who isolated THC for the first time. He is considered the most important cannabis researcher in the world. Without any doubt his lecture will be very interesting.

Other important speakers will be there too. People such as Hillary Black (Director of Patient Education and Advocacy, Canopy Growth), Mowgli Holmes (CEO Phylos), Georg Wurth (Leader of the German Hemp association), Dr. Wieland Schinnenberg, Dr. Franjo Grotenherman, Robert Laurie, Ben Rispin, Clint Younge and Americans Nic Easley, Jamie Pearson, and Kris Krane, and quite a few more will give lectures about the cannabis industry. And cannabis comic and activist, Ngajo Bealum, will keep the audience always entertained.

This 2019 Berlin ICBC is about to become the greatest cannabis conference in the world. It is amazing how much Germany’s medical program has grown since the first Berlin ICBC. In just one year the number of cannabis patients has gone from around 1000 to more than 15000. However, experts expect an enormous increase of the number. Analysts think the number will reach up to 30000 in the EU very soon. Every day more doctors are prescribing cannabis to their patients. Moreover, the number of insurance companies that cover the costs of cannabis treatments is increasing. Germany soon will provide cultivation licenses to some businesses. Therefore, it is easy to foresee that this scene will expand and will open the door to the rest of European countries where cannabis remains illegal.

If the 2017 and 2018 Berlin ICBCs offered the presence of important entrepreneurs, lecturers, investors, advocates, politicians and so on, from Germany and the rest of the world, the 2019 conference will continue mixing business, politics, cultivation and more. It is supposed to be the event of the year, only compared to Spannabis (Barcelona).

Without any doubt, the legalization of cannabis is becoming a worldwide cause and the ICBC wants to be part of the fight.

After the 2017 law, medical cannabis can be prescribed only for severely ill patients in Germany. But the law doesn’t exactly say what severely ill means. Hopefully, the ICBC can help changing the mentality of the politicians about cannabis.

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