Cannabis in Egypt

Cannabis in Egypt

Things you should know if you want to buy cannabis in Egypt

Every year Egypt receives millions of tourists from the western countries. Many of those who choose this place for vacation are regular stoners. Therefore, there are some items you should know if you don’t want to get in troubles.

Cannabis consumption, selling and buying is illegal in this Middle East country. Even though there is no agreement about cannabis as a sin in Islam, the Al Azhar University in Cairo is the top Islam studies center in the Muslim world. This university is absolutely against the cannabis use.

On top of it, the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most important Muslim groups in Islam, has always enormous importance in any politic decision taken in Egypt. And they say no to cannabis. And they hate cannabis and cannabis users.

Cannabis in Egypt is illegal since 1925. However, smoking hash is very common there. It is incredible the number of stoners you find!. But they know what they do. They know where to do it, the policemen they must bribe, the special places to smoke and so on.

In fact, there are three places in Cairo where locals, and eventually some foreigners, can go to smoke hash (Red Lebanon) is absolutely normal: Opera, Chobra, and Garden City. Even though is illegal, Egyptians have been smoking hash in these places for many years. But, as I said, if you are a tourist, forget about it, unless you have a close Egyptian friend who takes you there if he is a good customer. You will see many people smoking enormous pipes with hash. But even if you have a close Egyptian friend, forget about getting there if you are a woman. No woman is allowed. No matter if the women are Egyptians or westerners. They simply cannot get in. The hash community is very sexist.

Even though tourists are completely prohibited in these three places, eventually, and provided you have a good Egyptian friend who is a regular customer and if he invites you, you can get in. But be sure you will not pay the regular fee. You will pay much more. No need to say taking pictures is something that you shouldn’t do. Don’t show your IPhone. You will find yourself in a big trouble!

These three places are located in dangerous places in Cairo. Everything related to hash community is potentially dangerous. Therefore, don’t try to get there on your own.

In these places you don’t say the word “hash”. You simply order a Turkish coffee and the waiter brings you a water pipe with a good piece of hash on top of it. They never mix it with tobacco. Charcoal is used to maintain the pipe lit.

All the hash you can find in Egypt comes from Lebanon. Most Egyptian smugglers bring the hash via Port Said. It is excellent and gives a clean head. You can find both blonde and red Lebanese. In these places black dope is available too. Maybe this is the reason why the whole thing can be so risky.

Hash is very cheap in Egypt. Of course foreigners pay more than Egyptians. On top of it, depending on your nationality, you pay more or less. If you are American, say you are Canadian. Americans pay more! Roughly speaking, you shouldn’t pay more than 5USD for ten grams of good quality hash. But since alcohol is much more expensive, if you have a bottle of alcohol, you can always trade with it.

You can ask any taxi driver and he will show you the way to buy. But again it can be dangerous. He can have a connection with some cops and you can be given away. The cop will ask you for a bribe that can be very expensive. I am not saying it is always going to happen. But it could. In any country where poverty is a reality, police are corrupt. And catching a tourist with hash is a good business.

I recommend visiting places where the westerners meet and ask someone about it. They will tell you where or introduce to a friend who sells you without problems.

In Egypt about 15 percent of the population smokes hash. Even though the law doesn’t see the control of hash a high priority, the penalties are very severe. You never ever should carry large amounts on your person. Don’t expect cannabis legalization soon even though there are more than 15 million users in the country. It is very cheap and available everywhere. It is smoked and tolerated by society, but not by the law.

Last year, an Egyptian MP proposed a draft law trying to decriminalize cannabis. He said “it would be a good way to allow consumers to be given treatment instead of arrest.” However, the proposal was like a bomb among Muslin fundamentalists. Magdy al-Bassiouny, former assistant in the Ministry of Interior said “that the reform was going to result in an increase of drug users.”

Nowadays, being caught smoking a single joint means a minimum of one year in prison and a fine of 1000 Egyptian pounds. But if you are caught with more than that, you can expect death penalty or, at least, many years in prison. Not worth it!

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