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Cannabis in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe government grants the first license for the cultivation and export of medical marijuana despite pressure from religious leaders

Cannabis in Zimbabwe. The problem for the legalization of cannabis in this African country is the condemnation of religious leaders. Fortunately, economic criteria begin to be imposed on religious criteria. There are many companies that have applied for a license for the production and export of medical marijuana. But to date, only one company seems to meet the requirements required by the government.

Many religious leaders believe that monitoring the use of “mbanje”, a word with which marijuana is called, is a controversial issue since it could produce an unprecedented abuse of the drug.

This country already exports a large amount of tobacco, which produces a profit of 827 million dollars per year. The government wants to implement regulations for the cultivation and export of medicinal cannabis more difficult than those already existing for the tobacco industry.

The finance minister, Mthuli Ncube, is in favor of financial criteria in favor of growing marijuana for export and to place the country within the growing international market for legal marijuana.

The government of Zimbabwe grants the first license to produce medicinal cannabis to a private company

Indeed, a private company in this country has received the first license granted in Zimbabwe for the production of medical marijuana. He had to wait a year after the legalization of medicinal cannabis cultivation and with scientific objectives.

To obtain this license, which was granted on May 7, Precision Cannabis Therapeutics Zimbabwe has had to pay $ 46,000.

Already in February, the media of the African country reported that the government was thinking of granting licenses for 37 companies. However, none of them has been able to overcome the list of required conditions.

According to Nathan Emery, Director of Operations of Precision Cannabis Therapeutics Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean government has adopted a more open mentality in relation to medical cannabis and is willing to accept those investors who want to dedicate themselves to the production of medical marijuana and its derivatives, always that meet the strict conditions required.

The company Precision Cannabis Therapeutics Zimbabwe is located on a private farm of 110 hectares (272 acres) just 45 minutes from the capital of the country; Harare The company owns the water rights of the area that is in a large dam capable of supplying all the farmers in the area.

After the acceptance of the medicinal cannabis cultivation program, the government decided to stop it last June.

Fortunately, lawmakers found the necessary legal solutions to move forward with this medical cannabis program for export.

The law authorizes producers who have the required license to send their medical cannabis to authorized patients. The intention is to follow the model of Canada, but the laws do not make clear the way in which a patient can obtain the qualification of “authorized”.

In September 2018, the authorities established a port of entry and exit for the management of medicinal marijuana shipments.

The problem of cannabis in Zimbabwe is that society is divided between morals and economics.

Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, corruption is a pandemic that, of course, begins in the political class. Last summer, the country’s former health minister, David Parirenyatwa, was arrested. This had its consequences in the whole process on the creation of the norms that regulate medical marijuana. Actually, the allegations were not related to the cannabis laws. But nevertheless he managed to make the whole process slow down.

It must be taken into account that Zimbabwe was the second country in Africa that laid the foundations for the establishment of the medicinal cannabis business.

Previously, a Lesotho company made its first shipment of medical marijuana to Canada a year ago. Since then, multinational companies have done everything possible to obtain a share of the pie.

Zimbabwe has several advantages for the cultivation of cannabis over other countries in the area. It has large commercial farms in full operation and full provision of clean water for cultivation. In addition, the climate is mild all year round. In short, this country has great potential to make profitable the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

The conditions for obtaining a license for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis are:

They can be sold: dried cannabis flowers, raw cannabis, cannabis oil, cuttings, and seeds.

Licensed growers can only sell their medical marijuana to “authorized” patients.

The cultivation and processing standards will be more demanding than those of Canada.

Advertising related to marijuana is prohibited.

Each cultivation license costs 50,000 dollars, an amount that is 50 times higher than the per capita income of the country’s citizens.

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