The best microclimate in Europe to grow marijuana

The best microclimate in Europe to grow marijuana

In the skirts of Sierra Nevada (Granada), cannabis grows better than anywhere else.

In the south of Spain there is the highest mountain in Europe. It is a huge mountain whose height is 15.000 feet (the tallest peak) and snow on the top is present almost the whole year. This snow is melting little by little and filling the thousands of streams of fresh pure water that water the valleys. The area is enormous and the valleys receive the best light to grow the best marijuana.

Due to its height the plants get a lot of UV light and due to the height of the valleys where cannabis is cultivated, the plants “suffer” certain amount of weather stress when the harvest is near. In Sierra Nevada nights are cold, especially in fall. This factor, plus the extra UV light, produces the best plants you can figure out. The place is very similar to Manali, in India, a place famous for its charas. And the reason why cannabis is so good in Manali is the same that what happens in Sierra Nevada. Both places have deep valleys located whose location is very high and surrounded by the tallest peaks. In other words, these plants thrive in the perfect micro climate.

If the climate conditions are excellent, the water is even better. It is water that comes from thousands of streams fed by perpetual snows from the peaks (the tallest peak is 15000 feet high). The water is pure but it contains all the organic minerals dissolved from the rocks it meets in its way down the mountain. These organic minerals are necessary to build a healthy soil.

During the last years there is a strain that highlights among the varieties cultivated. Its name is Mujica Gold, from Ketama Seeds and it is a extremely strong indica that can produce up to 1.5 kilograms per plant. It is a beauty but, above all, it has a tremendous effect. The high is very pleasant and probably, this fact plus its facility to cultivate, are the reasons why so many growers are choosing this excellent genetic.

Sierra Nevada is the best place in Europe to grow high quality marijuana. It is the perfect micro climate for it and when cannabis becomes legal in Spain, it will be the cannabis farm of cannabis to export to the rest of Europe. It is now, but illegally.

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