Mineralize your soil to get the best marijuana

Mineralize your soil to get the best marijuana

Increase your production with simple minerals.

Without minerals in the substratum, metabolic enzymatic processes cannot occur. Because of this, when you add minerals to the soil you see spectacular increases in plant growth. Therefore, a good way to improve your soil conditions is remineralize it.

You can remineralize it by adding rock dust. Different types of rocks provide different minerals. For example, granite has a lot of potassium. Each rock contains different minerals. Glacial gravels have a great mix of different types of elements. When a glacier scratches the soil it drags too all the minerals contained in every rock founded on its way down.

Many experts warn that nearly all agricultural soil in the world will be lost in the next 60 years if practices don’t change. Because of this soil regeneration is a vital issue.

Why are minerals so important for your soil?

Minerals contained in the soil provide an essential ingredient for most enzyme systems to function correctly. Without these minerals an otherwise perfectly generated enzyme will not work and provide nutrients to the plant. And of course the plant will be unprotected against pests. When we add minerals to our soil you will see important increases in your plants growth. On the other hand, poor plants and less production are associated with modern agricultural techniques that “steal” too many minerals from the soil.

Add rock dust to your substratum

You can remineralize the soil adding rock dust. It is very simple but effective. For example, when you buy gravel to make concrete you can observe how a thin dust remains at the bottom of the plastic bag where the gravel is contained. Don’t throw it away. Add it to your soil. . Different rock types contain different minerals. Granite, for example, contains a lot of potassium (K), which is excellent for the buds.

Rock dust is excellent to increase the number of microorganisms in your soil. These little beings need minerals to survive. And microorganisms are essential for your plants.

Avoid traditional mineral supplementation

Many people use the traditional triple 15, named nitrophoska. This product contains a 15 percent of N P and K. This is atrocious for the soil! Heavy fertilizer use has severely damaged the soil chemistry. When you add too much nitrogen, you end up binding up the calcium, which leads to a thinning in the plant’s cell wall. It also alters the biological diversity in the soil, so you will end up with rot instead of decomposition, which attracts bugs. To combat bugs, chemical pesticides are used. Too bad!.

These chemical products do much more than kill bugs. They also kill EM (efficient microorganisms and finally sterilize the soil. This is the vicious circle commercial agriculture is in right now.

Remember: the best plants you can get are the plants you grow with mineralized soil.

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