Cannabis at the 90th edition of the Oscar Academy Awards (2)

Cannabis at the 90th edition of the Oscar Academy Awards

Oscar Academy Awards

For the first time in history, during the 90th edition of the Oscar Academy Awards, 50 celebs, among presenters and performers, were given a very special gift: a swag bag containing several products related to cannabis.

The bags included paraphernalia and lovely buds of marijuana. These cannabis freebies were provided by the artisanal distributor Flow Kana. The gifts were given by lottery and apparently nobody knew the names of the fortunate celebs who accepted the present.

So far we don’t know if all the celebs accepted the bags but Flow Kana gave 50 bags and at the end of the ceremony many presenters and performers were unhappy because they couldn’t get one.

It was a big hit that shows how cannabis has been accepted in the industry of Hollywood.

The organization is not allowed to say the name of the celebs who accepted the presents but we have come to know that they tried to get more bags from Flow Kana  due to the demand among the assistants.

The gifts caused a huge buzz backstage during the celebration and we are sure the next year more bags will be given.

Among the celebs that were offered such a special gift were Matthew McConaughey, Dave Chappelle and other stars. We know that the “flowers” were enjoyed right there, at the backstage to be precise.

The buzz caused by the joy of the fortunate ones was more than remarkable. Flow Kana has said the next year more bags will be available.

With this nice gesture of the cultivating company, we can see how once again the high quality marijuana strains are gaining followers all over the world. And at the same time both, image and use are becoming normal in every sector of the society.

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