The Governor of Wisconsin Declares his Plans toward Cannabis Legalization

The Governor of Wisconsin declares his plans toward Cannabis Legalization

The new Democratic governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, recently declared his plans to begin the first steps of cannabis legalization in his state budget proposal for 2019. During his presentation to the Wisconsin Technology Council board members, Gov. Evers reacted to an inquiry concerning his viewpoint on cannabis. Evers is a strong supporter of adult use legalization, endorsing the new governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers strongly favors the legalization of cannabis. Alternatively, he is in no rush to complete the process. In answer to an inquiry about his views on marijuana, Evers stated his interest in taking necessary steps toward a full adult-use industry in Wisconsin.

According to Evers, the initial steps would be to work towards the legalization of medical cannabis. That’s something that can be easily achieved by Wisconsin, and Gov. Evers could begin the procedure by adding medical legalization in his two-year budget proposal. Evers also said that his administration would fight for a statewide voter referendum on full legalization. Evers told Technology Council board members that he will definitively sign that bill, but he wants to do it in the right way.

Another inquiry from Milwaukee lawyer Alexander Pendleton made the governor to show more of his viewpoints on the “right way” to legalize marijuana. Pendleton asked the question of legalization from the perspectives of criminal justice and budget. And in reaction to that question, Evers agreed that “marijuana connects all the dots.”

Evers also shared his perspective on different states which have legalized adult-use marijuana. He mentioned Washington, where “hundreds of mom and pop” cannabis stores have been substituted with large cannabis companies. He also mentioned Colorado, where “some people are making money” in the industry due to the tax structure of the state. Evers wanted to avoid carrying Wisconsin’s cannabis industry down a similar path. “I believe the last thing that inhabitants of Wisconsin want as it connects to marijuana is it eventually devolves into Pfizer running things.”

Evers’ perspectives on the significance of small businesses in the cannabis industry are different from many of the legalization talks around the country. It means that Evers wants to turn priorities from corporation-friendly tax rates to cannabis policy that will be significantly received by the people of Wisconsin. Evers said that he wants to set up the industry in a way that people in the state of Wisconsin will be comfortable that they can generate some income in the cannabis industry.

However, Evers has a lot of plans which will be tackled when the industry opens. As of now, the first objective is to legalize the medical use of cannabis. And it will also involve Evers’ budget plan. But there are several viewpoints on how determined the governor is to a budget proposal for legal medical cannabis. The budget proposal of Evers has led to a debate in the legislature, where the legalization of medical marijuana is likely to be opposed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican, who a reputation for fighting medical cannabis.

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