bad cannabis trip

What to do when you are having a bad cannabis trip

First of all: don’t panic!

It is easy to say but not to do. I remember a bad trip I had in Kenya and it was terrible. Many users have a bad trip sooner or later after smoking weed. For most of these situations the rule of thumb is avoid panic. The trip will pass and you will be ok after that period of time. But it is also true that some people shouldn’t smoke weed because they are prone to suffer from paranoia. Someone who suffers many bad trips can end developing certain mental disorders . I insist: it is not the most common situation. But don’t disregard the risks involved and learn what to do.

Being in Kenya I bought five joints of banghi, a powerful sativa, I had smoked three of them the previous day and have no problems at all. However, the next day I was reading a book lying down in my bed: I lighted a joint and had three or four drags. Suddenly mi mind began to fly out of control. There was no way to come back. My mind was flying away and the feeling was quite scary. I thought I was not able to return to my normality. It took me hours to feel better and I stopped smoking weed for some years. Many people have fad this sensation and therefore I want to explain some tips to do in this situation.

What is a bad cannabis trip?

A cannabis bad trip is when you feel paranoia, introspection, nausea, fear, anxiety and so on. It can happen for many different reasons and What you experience after consuming cannabis will vary from person to person. Everything from the music you’re listening to, to the company you keep can produce this event. The symptoms depend on each person. One typical symptom is a numb feeling on your face. This may be paired with sweating, shortness of breath, and a pale look. It can be really scary. In any case you must remember that nobody ever died from a bad trip due to marijuana overdose.

Sativa strains are more prone to produce bad trips than indica ones

Why? It is very simple. Sativas have a much higher level of THC and what is worse, lower levels of CBD. THC is psychoactive and it can be considered the accelerator of your high. IN the other hand, CBD are the brakes. If your trip goes too fast and high, it is advisable to have good brakes to stop the feeling. Try using strains with higher levels of CBD. Many banks have CBD rich strains which are genetics with the same ratio of THC and CBD. It works very well with me. And I am one of the most prone to bad trips persons I know.

Better with friends than alone

THC is psychoactive and, therefore, is introspective. Once again this introspection depends on each one personality. If you are prone to introspection and bad trips you shouldn’t smoke alone. Introspection increases when we are alone. Probably, even though you smoke the same strain that produced you a bad trip, you will not feel the same if you are with a good companion. Enjoy your trip with your friends and you will feel much better. Your trip will not be so introspective. It will be more social and friendly.

Some tips to prevent it or ease it

When you feel it comes, excuse yourself from where you are and find a comfortable seat. Find somewhere peaceful where you can be alone. Ask your friends for a sugary drink. It is a good idea to eat something sweet. The question is to boost blood sugar levels. Don’t watch TV or listen to music. This could stress you even more. And remember a bad trip is the most common of the situations.

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