Top 10 weed destinations

Top 10 weed destinations

Top 10 weed destinations in the world

Vacations are sweeter when weed is involved. When traveling to a new destination, you can enjoy the new culture when you are high. You are also going to meet up with people who love weed.

If you lack some marijuana culture then these marijuana friendly tourist destinations have services and tours set in place to give you a better understanding. You can gain more knowledge about a cannabis vacation. The good news is that many destinations offer services meant for cannabis lovers. Many nations are legalizing little measures of marijuana or instructing police to look the other way. But some nations are placing tighter laws and even the death sentences.

Travelers are advised to be responsible and discreet. You have to study the laws of the country in which you visit. Some countries have very welcoming laws for cannabis lovers. Some of this countries even have legal cannabis businesses. It creates economic activities which are presented in the tourism industry.

In this article, we have detailed some of the best destinations to visit in order to enjoy a cannabis-cultured holiday. These places are very friendly to marijuana. All of these destinations will provide you with long lasting memories. Here is a rundown of the ten best places with the low regulations on cannabis.

The Netherlands

Top 10 weed destinations the netherlandsOver the years, lovers of marijuana have rushed to the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam and different cities found in Holland, from which the word “Holland” originated. From the 1970s, police in the Netherlands have been told to allow “coffee shops” which sell marijuana when they obey certain rules and regulations. These regulations have changed as the world becomes more modern, for example, the banning commercial cultivation was implemented by the present government.


Top 10 weed destinations Spain alhambra de granadaSpain has a different methodology in contrast to the Netherlands as far as their acceptance of marijuana is concerned. Spain is still a favorite destination for many travelers who are in love with the cannabis culture in Spain. But when you are in the “cannabis social club” in a place like Barcelona, you may have the same feeling as being in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. The difference between the two places is how to enter the coffee shop. While most adults who possess an ID can have access to Dutch coffee shops, on the other hand, the Spanish cannabis clubs will need you to subscribe for paid membership before entering. This means that when you give them cash for a powerful cannabis bud, you are not buying it; you are contributing to the cost of the club’s non-profit cultivation for subscribers.


Top 10 weed destinations JamaicaJamaica has a long history with cannabis. This is because of several reasons including the Rastafari religion, in which the worshippers are permitted to use marijuana as a sacrament and the linked movement of reggae music also played its role worldwide to increase Jamaica’s connection to cannabis. Truth be told, there exist a vital association of marijuana growers in Jamaica. The climate of the Caribbean is very suitable for growing marijuana and the government of Jamaica wants to increase cultivation of medical cannabis plants for research and prescribed medicine.


Top 10 weed destinations CambodiaThailand and Vietnam are two common destinations for tourists, and these tourists are massively traveling to Cambodia during Southeast Asia trips. This country has a vast history and attractive temples to visit in this nation. Currently, they also have a relaxed attitude covering cannabis that is friendly to tourists. Cannabis has not yet been legalized in Cambodia, however, it turns out that the police seem to have been told to accept its sale and consumption. Take note that the nation has a reputation to selectively enforce the prohibition on tourist.

Vancouver, Canada

Top 10 weed destinations Vancouver CanadaThe prime minister of Canada has finally fulfilled his promise to legalize marijuana at the federal level. This is going to carry the law in line with the positive marijuana attitude of Canadians and will probably bring more tourist to the country. Canada has a lot of attractive cultures apart from their positive cannabis culture. Every Canadian province can have stores which sell regulated and quality-controlled cannabis which will be loved by tourist.

Colorado, USA

Top 10 weed destinations Colorado USAThe pioneering city of Colorado is popular for reforming marijuana laws. Colorado became the first state in the country to decriminalize recreational marijuana and legalize marijuana retail. The shops in Colorado don’t permit on-site marijuana consumption, however many lounge spaces have started to rise in order to take care of marijuana smokers. The city of Denver currently provides guided tours to show tourist the best cannabis nightlife.

Alaska, USA

Top 10 weed destinationsIt will be amazing to watch the northern lights while smoking Northern Lights. Marijuana sales are legal in Alaska, which means you could experience the Northern lights while being high. This can be fascinating when you smoke at weed-friendly accommodations. It can be illegal to smoke marijuana on Federal land like Alaska’s national parks. So be sensitive when you are on vacation.

West Coast, USA

Top 10 weed destinations The West Coast of America gives cannabis lovers a lot of chances for a historic journey. The amazing forested landscapes found in the Pacific Northwest are where the first smokers of legalized marijuana (Washington and Oregon) launched top class cannabis stores. These stores can also flourish in California. You can freely smoke cannabis in cultivation mecca of Humboldt County in the north, the iconic southern cities of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Nimbin, Australia

Top 10 cannabis destinations Nimbin, Australiarainbow-lorikeetAustralia is one of the recent countries to legalize medical cannabis. However, it is still illegal to smoke recreational cannabis, with different penalties being implemented by different states. Cannabis is not legal in the state of New South Wales, which has been resisted by a by a town near the northern border of Queensland. Most tourists take this destination on the beautiful Australian east coast, along the route surrounding Brisbane and Sydney.

Christiania, Denmark

Top 10 cannabis destinations Christiania DenmarkThe last location for marijuana lovers is indeed very fascinating. Nimbin has links with Australia’s counterculture, activist, and underground art movements which is similar to Denmark. There is a little community in the capital of Copenhagen that fills that role of Nimbin through a wealthy and amazing. For those who have scrutinized politics in society, or imagined where anarchism is implemented, Christiania is a city recognized for its anarchist collective living standards on vast military land in the capital of Denmark.



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