Recreational cannabis in the United States

Recreational cannabis in the United States

Cannabis is very useful herb that is used for various benefits medically and recreationally. In America, maximum crowd of people are using it. Some are using it to treat various health issues and some are using it as a drug for enjoying purposes. On seeing all facts regarding the use of cannabis and its supplements the government of the U.s made some policies over the use of cannabis that we will discuss below. First, you must know the difference between the medical cannabis or recreational cannabis

What is recreational Cannabis?

Recreational Cannabis is found to be an illegal drug in some parts of the united state. Recreational Cannabis is not used medically and can be used in several forms. It is obtained from the plant named an “cannabis sativa”. For recreational use, its flowers, seeds and leaves can be smoked as a cigarette through pipe, can be brewed as a tea and can be taken in a food. Recreational Cannabis has more levels of THC content than the medical one and it makes the user “high”.

If we compare recreational Cannabis with Medical Cannabis, then you will find following differences in both:

Recreational Cannabis contains more levels of THC content while Medical one has low
Recreational Cannabis contains low levels of CBD content as compared to medical one.
Maximum states are banned with recreational Marijuana as compared to medical one.
You must to be over 18 to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary and must to be over 21 to purchase recreational Cannabis in united states.
Recreational CBD makes you high when you take it. You can buy both types only when they are legal in your state.

According to the federal Law in the united states, using marijuana or cannabis is illegal but majority of states have passed the legalizing its use for medical purposes. Very few states have passed the legalizing its use for recreational purposes. People have been using marijuana recreationally for a very long time. Yearly status of the use of cannabis in united states is given below.

In 1890, the cannabis is found in many medicines
In 1906, According to the Pure Food and Drug Act, it was announced to label all the food products have cannabis
In 1920, after the Mexican Revolution, use of recreational cannabis was increase due to immigrants coming to the united states.
In 1930, with the formation of Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the federal law started to take decision for use of cannabis.
In 1931, According to the federal Law in the united states, it was banned to use cannabis in any of the food products. Total 29 states in united states banned cannabis.
In 1936, the movie named “Reefer Madness” terrified the middle-class people into keeping clear of cannabis use.
In 1950, use of drug came into play
In 1960, people in the upper middle class were using cannabis recreationally and it was studied that its effects were not to induce violence.
In 1970, cannabis is differentiated from the other harmful drugs
In 1986, With the effort of Ronald Reagan, Federal committee set the new mandatory sentences for the cannabis use.
For the time 2000 – 2011, in more than twelve states of the united states, medical marijuana was legal but the working on the decision was still in process.
Finally, in 1912, in two states of America legalized the status of recreational cannabis for adults only. Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational cannabis.

Legal status of Different states at Present

As there is a lot of difference between the use of marijuana medically or recreationally, Now U.S authority clear the point. Many state authorities in America allowed cannabis for its medicinal use. Other district authorities allowed cannabis for its recreational use. In this Present year 2018, there are total nine states in United states of America in which recreational use of cannabis is legal. That nine states are California, Nevada, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon and Vermont.

Why Recreational Cannabis is banned?

The only reason behind the banning of Recreational cannabis in the united states is that it contains a huge content of THC and it can affect the body while taking it. Public opinion is also bad somewhere in America. Some feel it as drug and have abuse side over it. Mostly people in U.S take it for stress, anxiety, to enjoy social life, to feel calm and to relax.

The symptoms you can feel when to take marijuana recreationally

Feeling of relaxation and joy
Hearing, sight and taste perceptions
Increased or decreased appetite
Loss of coordination and increased reaction time while driving
Trouble thinking and problem solving that can also affect driving
Unable to tell the difference between good or bad
Feeling of suspicious and distrustful mind.
Anxiety or panic reactions


As Cannabis supplements has lot of benefits to health and brain, it was unclear that whether it is legal or not to use of it. But now it is purely cleared that in thirty-one states of united states, medical cannabis is legal as this herb used for mental illness, depression, cancer, Aids, muscle pain, bones pain as well as other chronic pains. Also, for regular use to make mind and body calm while taking small amount of cannabis recreationally is not a bad one. After seeing all the pros and cons of using cannabis recreationally, the federal law of the country has finalized the nine states where use of recreational cannabis is legal.

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