CBD to treat Social Anxiety Disorder

CBD to treat Social Anxiety Disorder

buy cannabis seedsSocial Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a mental disorder suffered by millions of people around the world and is currently being treated with CBD

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is becoming one of the most popular remedies to treat anxiety among lovers of natural medicine. Some people use it to calm their daily worries, but others use it to treat generalized anxiety disorder.

There are many causes that can cause this personality disorder and that also affects each person differently. Social anxiety disorder always manifests itself in the most inconvenient situations. It manifests itself just before a job interview or in a meeting with friends or before a performance in public, in the case of artists. The level of stress that it produces is so high that it incapacitates the person suffering from it.

The most common symptoms are the increase in heart rate, the inability to feel relaxed in the presence of unknown people and a huge stage fright.

It is a very dangerous issue that can lead to death in people with high blood pressure because when you develop an episode of SAD, blood pressure rise sharply reaching lethal levels.

But we should not confuse the symptoms with the disease. We have all felt stage fright when we have had to speak in public and we have all felt ashamed when we have addressed a person we like. But when those feelings incapacitate us to perform our social functions is when we can talk about mental illness

These disorders are much more common than it may seem. Before marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes, those who suffered from this disorder had to go to the doctor and it prescribed chemical drugs with many side effects and harmful to health in many cases.

Fortunately, nowadays, more and more patients are coming to a treatment with CBD under the indications of a specialist.

What are the causes of Social Anxiety Disorder?

There are many causes that generate this mental disorder. The causes can come from the abuse of certain drugs, especially cocaine, the lack of social relationships in childhood and also a genetic disposition. There are many social anxiety sufferers who developed this disorder because when they were children their schoolmates abused him and made him feel inferior. In short, there are as many types of social anxiety as the number of people who suffer from it.

Unfortunately, the issue is complex. Researchers have shown that even a person’s neural pathways can help develop this disorder. With the passage of time, human beings grow and neural pathways also grow. Its development can be affected very negatively by the use of drugs. Cocaine is, perhaps, the most dangerous of all.

But the worst of this disorder is that it never allows us to develop fully as human beings.

A few years ago a famous and successful musician whose name we will not say had a stroke. All his life he had abused all drugs. Fortunately he recovered and a few months later he announced his next concert. Thousands of people came to listen to him. However, the musician was unable to open his mouth. He got up and, without explaining, left.

The next day, in the media, his representative explained that the musician had suffered an episode of stage fright; another form of anxiety disorder caused by drug abuse.

How does it feel?

Have you had an episode of stage fright or have you been unable to open your mouth when meeting a potential partner? Do not you know how to react in situations of social upheaval? These are some symptoms of SAD. However, these symptoms do not mean that you suffer from this anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder can only be diagnosed by a medical professional. Because we have all suffered stage fright and we felt that we could not say a single word to a person that we especially like. But that’s not why we have a true anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder can cause depression and other mental illness. It disables the sufferer at a terrible level. CBD products provide patients with a sense of relief that helps them cope with the constant and more severe symptoms of anxiety.

If we want to understand how CBD helps us overcome anxiety without side effects, we have to understand how it interacts with our nervous systems.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a concentrated version, ready for consumption, of a natural cannabinoid that is being investigated for its potential health benefits. It operates in the body of each person exploiting the operability of the neurotransmitters and receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis sativa plant, also uses the endocannabinoid system in our brains to produce its psychoactive effect.

Although products with CBD use the same neurological functions, they do not bind to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system as easily as THC, and as a result, do not produce the same effects.

THC is highly reactive and CBD is not so much. But this does not imply that it does not have its positive effects on mental and physical health.

How does this affect people who want to treat their social anxiety with CBD? Given the low binding rates of cannabidiol with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, it has to be linked elsewhere to produce some effect in our organism. One of the receptor sites to which it binds is in the receptors responsible for the release of serotonin.

Although it is a very complex issue, what we need to know is that CBD oils contain cannabinoids that bind to the receptors that control the brain’s serotonin flux, and that serotonin is the chemical that produces feelings of joy and happiness

If only a few milligrams of CBD or hemp oil is needed for anxiety, CBD can replace many pharmaceutical products by activating our serotonin receptors. Therefore, it is logical to think that the CBD has much to do in the field of medicine and human health.


One of the most important conclusions for the study of the effects of the CBD on social anxiety is that our organism is connected to a system of neural pathways dedicated to cannabis use.

This system developed and evolved within our body long before any human being came up with the idea of ​​consuming cannabis. Therefore, the biochemicals found in some plant species are a treasure for physicians and psychologists.

It is possible that you have social anxiety problems throughout your life. It is probable that the anxiety does not disappear completely without a specific medical treatment. But it is a reality that more and more people decide to be an active part of their medical treatments and resort to CBD instead of conventional drugs that, in too many cases, have many side effects. In addition, CBD is useful for many diseases and not just for anxiety.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the most common mental illness in the United States is social anxiety disorder (SAD), which affects more than 18 percent of the population each year.

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