Over 12,000 Medical Marijuana Licenses are Approved in Oklahoma

Over 12,000 Medical Marijuana Licenses are Approved in Oklahoma

Over 12,000 Medical Marijuana Licenses are Approved in OklahomaThe state of Oklahoma recently approved over 12,000 medical marijuana licenses, which gives thousands of Oklahoma residents access to medicine. In August, medical cannabis became legal in Oklahoma, after residents voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Currently, about 16,600 applications have been received which were submitted by medical cannabis patients who want medical marijuana licenses. Furthermore, about 2,200 businesses have submitted their application for commercial licenses which will permit them to develop and sell medical cannabis in Oklahoma state. The medical program of the state of Oklahoma is managed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). The started accepting applications as early as August 24th.

How to Apply for A Medical Marijuana License?

Before applying for a medical marijuana license, residents of Oklahoma who are over the age of 18 will need to written approval from a doctor before being approved by the Oklahoma medical cannabis program. In contrast to other more conservative states, medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma won’t be limited to a specific list of qualifying conditions; the recently passed bill will permit doctors to prescribe medical cannabis at their convenience.

According to state laws in Oklahoma state law, members of the medical cannabis program will have access to a maximum of three ounces of medical marijuana in person and a maximum of eight ounces in their private residence. Consumers will also be allowed to carry about an ounce of marijuana concentrates, along with 72 ounces of edibles. Medical marijuana patients will be allowed to grow about six mature cannabis plants and six seedlings in their private residence.

According to Melissa Miller, manager of OMMA, the medical cannabis program in Oklahoma has been shaded by some controversy which involves the announcement of many addresses listed on applications for medical marijuana business licenses, which did one business to be robbed.

She said that they were inundated with requests to share the addresses of grower and due to the availability of public records, they had to reply. She thought it would be simple to publicize the list.

Although most patients and businesses have already been approved, most of them are complaining that it’s not easy to find medical marijuana for sale. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, so the shipment of marijuana across state borders is strictly prohibited. The process of developing marijuana can take several months before it can be used commercially, which means medical marijuana patients will have to wait for it.

According to Shawn Carson the owner of Gaia’s Favor medical cannabis dispensary located in Oklahoma City, he receives many calls a day, based on when cannabis will be available. When marijuana is dried and cured, it becomes ready to be consumed. He also said that he needs to supply to be equals demand. Carson said that he wishes there was enough marijuana to satisfy every customer. However, if medical marijuana becomes widely available in Oklahoma, Gaia’s Favor will widely open its doors to medical cannabis patients in no time.

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