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Medical marijuana cultivation in Uganda

Although recreational marijuana is completely illegal in Uganda, some politicians and commercial entities are studying medicinal cannabis cultivation

Different entities and individuals have an open battle to fight for the control of the potential medical marijuana industry in Uganda, with some government officials investing in companies that could reap great benefits from this multi-billion dollar industry.

Indeed, different entities that already have contacts with perfectly established companies in Europe and North America are aligned with certain officials as the government considers the beneficial but risky business.

There is also a war between different government entities to decide who is best suited to direct the investors who join to take part in the business, which is estimated at a value of three trillion dollars (approximately 11.1 trillion Ugandan Shillings). Once it starts to work.

Some of the entities that would be involved in licensing are the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Internal Affairs; the National Drug Authority (NDA) and the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

Recreational marijuana will remain illegal in Uganda. But the authorities are studying the production of medicinal cannabis that should be subject to the approval of the different government agencies, as required by the Substances (Control) of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 2015.

There is an information document of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Health that clarifies that the Minister of Health has received requests from 14 companies that have shown their interest in the cultivation, extraction and export of medical marijuana according to the regulations of Narcotic Drug and Pyschotropic Substances Act (Control) 2015.

In addition, the 14 interested companies are part of a very established firm, the Industrial Hemp Uganda Ltd, which has been operating in Uganda for more than 10 years, the Kasese area and others.

These companies consider that there is business for everyone. After making a market study about the possible demands of medical marijuana in the international market and the advantages of cultivation in Uganda, which has one of the most fertile soils in Africa, a good climate and a soil rich in nutrients.

However, they do see a problem in the large corporations that are trying to influence government officials in order to get a monopoly. This would affect the incomes for the government.

Medical marijuana is the term used to refer to the use of cannabis and cannabinoids for the relief of the symptoms of various diseases and to help people struggling with different diseases.

Without any doubt, marijuana has become one of the most lucrative businesses that have aroused the greatest interest among investors and researchers around the world.

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