Smoking marijuana at the Vancouver airport

Smoking marijuana at the Vancouver airport is now possible

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In Canada, the Vancouver airport is already creating reserved spaces for passengers to consume marijuana before the flight

Indeed, the airport of this city is already opening spaces destined to allow smoking marijuana for those passengers who wish it before taking their flight. The intention of the airport is to provide all visitors with a space where they can smoke marijuana and at the same time respect the law that requires that public places be smoke-free. It is logical because if marijuana is legal, the airport must provide users places where they are allowed to smoke their marijuana.

The zones where smoking or vaping marijuana is allowed are outside the terminal and not inside, in order to continue to maintain their terminals as smoke-free spaces. There are also numerous signs that airport users have, as a condition to be able to use these facilities, that they obey and respect the rules on permitted substances.

Everywhere you see signs indicating that passengers can fly carrying up to 30 grams of marijuana in the checked suitcase or carry-on baggage; but only in the case of domestic flights, as explained very clearly by the Federal Transport Minister, Marc Garneau.

With this new law, Canadians can fly between destinations within Canada with up to 30 grams of marijuana from their possession. As we have already explained, it is the same to carry them in the hand luggage than in the checked luggage.

However, sometimes a plane is forced to change course and land at some airport in the United States, where cannabis remains illegal at the federal level. What can the traveler do with his 30 grams of marijuana? There is nothing to do about it. Or throw your 30 grams of marijuana away or risk being arrested. Canadian airports are full of signs that remind us.

This is very important. If you are flying legally within Canadian airspace and possess cannabis, it may happen that the plane is diverted to the United States. It is also possible that you have to disembark from the plane and pass the American customs. He could be arrested and detained in this country. For this reason, you are warned in Canadian airports about this and it is communicated in writing to all travelers that they should call the Canadian Embassy immediately in the United States if this happens to them. (Telephone of the Canadian Embassy: 1-844-880-6519)

If you saw yourself in this situation, it would be too risky to try to enter the United States with marijuana. The most prudent thing is to get rid of your 30 grams and when you arrive in your destination city in the United States, use the APP called “BUDANDBREAFFAST.COM”, which is an application that manages the reservation of hotels in which the use of the cannabis and where they even facilitate access to it.

Being a member of the Common Wealth, Canada has copied the very British idea of ​​creating cheap hotels known as “Bed and Breakfast”. Playing with the words in an ingenious way, the APP “Budandbreaakfast” was created, where you can go to hotels that give you the buds (BUD) and breakfast, in addition to the bed.

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