Spanish new Government backs up cannabis legalization

Spanish new Government backs up cannabis legalization

Pablo Iglesias wants to convert Spain in a country of reference for marijuana exports.

For the first time in Spain an important member of the new Government speaks openly about legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. Pablo Iglesias, General Secretary of Podemos, the left wing party who helped to throw out of the power to the conservative Popular Party, has expressed his congratulations to Canada for legalizing recreational marijuana. He wants the same situation for Spain.

According to his statements it is the only way to fight the black market and obtain enormous profits in taxes to use in public health and improve the Social Security of the country. He said Spain could become a reference to export “registered brand” marijuana to other countries. Iglesias expressed his shame for the Spanish armament industry which sells billions of euros in weapons. “I am ashamed of being a reference in weapons exports used to kill people” – told the media.

“Exporting marijuana and use the profits in public health and public services would make feel very proud. It is enough hypocrisy!”- said in an interview with Radiocable. “I feel like they are pulling my leg when I can freely buy alcohol or tobacco without having any legal problem. But when it comes to marijuana the situation is different. Jails are full of people that simply cultivated cannabis. Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol but I cannot imagine prohibiting alcohol. ”

Pablo Iglesias wants to take advantages of the new legal situation in Canada and to turn Spain in a reference in production and exports of marijuana.

The words of Iglesias have been well received by the cannabis community. But we don’t want hypocrisy. We want to have the right to self cultivation. No more fines and people in prisons for having cannabis at home for their own use. We totally agree with Pablo Iglesias. And on top of it, cannabis legalization could decrease the enormous Spanish unemployment.

Spain has the perfect weather and sun to export marijuana to the rest of Europe. That could mean tones of money. But we shouldn’t forget the individual right of the citizens to grow their plants at home without being arrested or fined.

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