How to water your plants properly

How to water your plants properly

Pure water is the key to success. Watering properly your plants is the most important part in the process of obtaining excellent plants full of sticky flowers.

How to water your plants properly. As you probably know, in Japan there are bonsai schools where the masters (sensei) teach the students to get wonderful small trees. If you are not a bonsai fan, you will think the most important factor is pruning correctly them. However, when you attend one of these schools, the sensei gives you a pair of scissors from the first day and allows you to prune his bonsais.

However, you spend three years in his school before you are allowed to water the bonsais. This can give an idea about the importance of correct watering. Here come some tips about it.

The purer the water, the better

Did you ever hear about Masaru Emoto and his studies on water? Put his name in GOOGLE and you will get shocked. Basically he freezes different types of water and takes photograph. When he takes pictures of pure water, the crystals of ice seem to be celestial. They are like deities. The images taken by Emoto are spirituals and prove the importance of clean and fresh water to water plants and for everything. But when the water is polluted, it seems demoniac. Please, have a look because it is something amazing.

There is no exact sway about how to water your cannabis plants, and because most growing mediums don’t allow you to observe the roots, you have no way to directly watch what is going on below the substratum. However, there are a number of products and strategies that can help you keep your garden healthy and properly hydrated.


Perlite comes from a volcanic glass. It is produced when obsidian is heated to a high temperature and it expands. It is light, very porous and organic. It is a great addition for your soil as it prevents soil from clumping and allows correct oxygen flow.

Canvas Pots

They are pots that are made with canvas. The fabric containers help the roots breathe, allow heat to escape, and allow water to drain. It is the best choice to allow oxygen flow. Canvas Pots are excellent to improving the quality of the roots and how they handle being watered. They are the only type of pots that allow you to water by submerging the pot in water. If you do that with any other type of container, the oxygen of the substratum will run away. It will escape.

Drip Lines

Drip lines allow you to water plants little by little but consistently. And they are great to distribute the water evenly across the pot. They also prevent your pots from flooding on the surface when watering. Flooding your container with water will force the perlite to come to the surface where it is unnecessary.


It’s very important you measure how much water you are giving your plants. If you figure out the flow rate of your watering system, you can set a timer to know when it is time to move to the next pot. You will know every pot is receiving the same amount of water.

How often needs a plant to be watered?

The amount of water your plants need depends on different factors like size, heat, health, and period of growth. If you don’t water enough your plant it will look weak. There is no strength in the leaves.

But over – water the plants is even worse. The leaf tips will curl as if they are hiding from the water in their pot. The roots need oxygen to survive and be happy. And if you over – water, the oxygen will go away from the substratum. The roots will get rotten and fungi will appear all over.

How do you know your plants need water?

1 – The leaves must look healthy and vibrant

2 – Pay attention to the soil. How does it look like?

If the substratum is dry when you stick your finger into the soil a few knuckles down and the plant seems weak, it is high time to water. You better pay attention to timing and try watering your plant right before it starts to look less healthy. A healthy cycle of wet to dry is necessary for the roots to grow and reach deeper into the pot. But remember cannabis is cultivated in nature as semi dry plant. It is always better less than more.

The size of the pots

It is very important to have the correct pot size according to the plant you are growing. A big plant needs big pots. If the pot is too small for your plant, it will dry very rapidly.

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