Buying hashish in Madrid

Buying hashish in Madrid

buy cannabis seedsConsuming hashish bought in Madrid can be very harmful to your health

Buying hashish from street dealers in Madrid (Spain) can be very dangerous for your health. A study made by researchers to find out the adulteration discovered different types of contaminants which are extremely harmful. In order to establish if the cannabis from the street dealers is suitable for human consumption, 90 pieces of cannabis resin were analyzed by a laboratory.

Buying hashish in Madrid

Street cannabis dealers in Madrid sell two different types of resin. One has the shape of ingots and another one of acorns. Depending on the form, the presence of adulterants and microbiological contamination varies. Almost 65 % of the ingot-shaped samples and in 30.2% of the acorn-shaped samples had clear presence of external elements. 25% of the resin was deliberately adulterated, above all among the ingot-shaped samples. 93% of acorns had E coli bacteria and almost 30% of the ingots-shaped resin too.

On top of it, 10% of the samples had Aspergillus. Almost 67% of the samples with Aspergillus were acorn-shaped resin. Virtually, almost all the hashish that is sold on the streets of Madrid is not suitable for human consumption. In other words: it is a matter of public health.

I was born in Madrid 61 years ago. I grew up in Madrid and I tried hashish for the first time in Madrid. I love good cannabis. I remember those days (40 years ago) when you could find super high quality hashish from Morocco at very good prices. Unfortunately, those days are gone….and very far away.

Before continuing, I have to say that it will be difficult to write the truth and be politically correct at the same time.

Is it possible buying good hash in Madrid? Yes, indeed. Is it easy? Not for foreigners and difficult for locals too, unless they have a good contact.

Why? I suppose that the experts bought the samples in the center of Madrid and/or the famous park named “El Retiro”. In both places, the vendors are illegal emigrants from Africa and Morocco. It also happens in Paris (France). These guys don’t have hashish to sell. They buy a little of cheap and bad pollen, in the best case, and mix it with whatever they find with a sticky texture and brown color. They use chemicals, honey, poo, everything.

The best resin from Morocco comes to Spain through small traffickers who introduce small pieces of hashish, wrapped in plastic film, in their anus, to avoid being discovered in the customs. Obviously, if you are a small trafficker and want to bring hashish from Morocco, you will buy the best quality. The penalty, if you get arrested, is going to be the same if you get caught with good hash or bad one. But the small trafficker knows that they can sell the best hashish for a much higher price. Therefore, why taking risks bringing bad resin?

They buy the best resin and make small pieces with the form of an acorn (in fact these pieces are named like this and they are called beyotas). After wrapping the pieces in plastic film, they are introduced into the anus, using Vaseline to facilitate entry.

Once they get home, expel the pieces (acorns) and then wash them. However, no matter how much the pieces are washed; they will always have a little bit of poo odor.
I’m sorry for being so eschatological, but I have to explain the reason why hashish in Madrid contains fecal bacteria.

To be precise, I must say that the best, really the best, traffickers do it so perfectly, that the odor doesn’t feel. Remember this fact in order to understand why is so common finding fecal bacteria in the hashish that foreigners buy in Madrid. Keep reading.

I know many Africans and Moroccans who sell “hashish” in the center of Madrid and, especially, in El Retiro park. Some of them told me the way they do it. First, they mix the poor quality pollen with whatever they have at hand. After this, they put a little layer of plastic film on top of the mixture and defecate on top of it. They leave the mixture with the crap on top for a while and then wash it.

Of course, even though the crap is washed and removed, many bacteria get into the mixture. And the result is that some naïve person who dares buying it, believes it is real good hashish, brought from Morocco in the anus of a trafficker.

Most people in Madrid don’t buy hashish from them. But others are stupid and naïve enough to do it. On top of it, the market is completely owned by Africans and Moroccans. If another dealer tries to be there and sell his own hashish, he will be expelled, using violence if necessary.

Of course, there are Moroccans who have and sell good hashish; but never in the center of the city, where the tourists are. They live and operate in smaller cities near Madrid and never sell on the street. Only if you know them you can buy. But you should never buy the Africans, because they do not have access to good hashish. To make matters worse, both Moroccans and Africans see tourists as prey to be cheated.

If you are a tourist and you do not have contacts in Madrid, as for everything in life and in any city in the world, your intuition will guide you, try to stay attentive.

But, under no circumstances, buy from street dealers. They will sell you crap and you will end up poisoned. Consuming hashish bought in Madrid can be very harmful to your health.

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