CBD Expo MIDWEST opens its doors in March, 2019


CBD Expo Tour is one of a kind event that brings the largest CBD event platform, broadcast products with the community and inspire the industry with some valuable knowledge

This event is powered by CBD Health and Wellness Magazine and will feature more than 70 exhibitors, as well as a considerable list of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, production, globalization, and sale of CBD products.

The themes of CBD Expo MIDWEST 2019 include CBD 101, CBD Applications, Medical Advancements, and Industry Trends. This event will also include numerous demonstrations and workshops to attend. Chef Matt Stockard will be hosting a Cooking Classes sponsored by CBDaily Eats, Keiko Beatie will host a seminar for Senior Citizens and Caretakers to learn about CBD. Furthermore, a DIY Mixology Lab will be hosted by NICE Corp which will teach us about making your very own CBD products, all highly educational. CBD Expo MIDWEST 2019 is open to the public, which means everyone is invited, ranging from entrepreneurs, professionals to casual consumers. The event will also feature dispensary and mainstream store buyers. Furthermore, CBD Expo Tour 2019 will be held in other states including Indiana, Washington, Colorado, California, and Florida.

The chief organizer of this tour is Celeste, and she will mainly be talking about her incredibly inspirational journey with CBD and the tour she has embarked on to educate communities around the country. She gives unique presentations which are intensely interpersonal, creatively synergistic, and highly distinguishable. Furthermore, Celeste aims to use her marketing knowledge to shake the world of CBD, and she will be kicking off the event with her perfect Keynote.

Other skilled speakers who will be headlining the CBD Expo MIDWEST 2019 includes the likes of

Dr. Allen Manison, (DC, Sports Rehabilitation Specialist) who will break down the benefits of CBD, exactly how it works in the brain and body (your Endocannabinoid System!), and why it is essential to use quality CBD. He will also explore the various applications of CBD and how it helps with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even brain trauma.

Rick Martinez (Founder & CEO) will be telling us how to start a “business 101” and how to start and sustain an ethical and responsible CBD operation.

Katie Devoe ( Co-Founder & Principle) will be talking about the tricks and tips to building brands and bringing them to market, how to stay ahead of the changes in laws and regulations, plus other related issues.

Blake Ebersole, the President, will be telling us about the main steps to qualify your hemp and CBD materials, including the top 10 questions you should ask your supplier.

Furthermore, they will also be talks from Eric Miller the Director of R&D, Scott Riefler

VP of Science and more noteworthy personnel.

The event is set to start on March 15th, 2019 and run through the 16th. Registration is currently going on and open at 8 AM each day.

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