Cannabis in Kenya

Cannabis in Kenya

Kenya. A place to enjoy the best sativa strains at the lowest price

Weed, named “bhangi” in Kenya, is excellent. In fact, sometimes it can be too strong. It is cheap and easy to obtain. But you must remember it is illegal too. Therefore, be careful before buying. Anyway, in case you are caught, bribing the cops is easy and cheap. But try to avoid it!

As soon as the plane lands in Nairobi, you realize that you are in a unique and wonderful place. Although it is located in the tropics, being more than 6000 feet above sea level, the days are warm and the nights are cool. It’s a clean city, at least by African standards. And, above all, it is one of the cities where fun is guaranteed.

I recommend you to stay in hotels that are not too expensive, because that’s where you’ll find young Africans, eager to meet Westerners. There are many young women who are delighted to meet westerners. They are not prostitutes. They simply want to have fun and if you pay them a beer, they will be very happy and eager to help you. They are very honest and if you ask them where to buy good bhangi, they will take you to the local bars where dealers sell. These bars are for Kenyans and you will be the only foreigner there. Don’t be afraid. They will be delighted to have a mwzungu

Weed is sold in joints; at least if you buy small quantities. But remember what we wrote before: it is very strong. Try with a couple of drags a then decide if you want to continue.

Hashish is almost impossible to find. I remember that on one occasion, while in Kenya, I met two young Spaniards who had a craft shop in Nairobi. One day they wanted to smoke hashish. They bought a kilo of marijuana and made their own hash.

In Kenya there is a large Hindu community. One day they were smoking their hashish in a bar and a Hindu smelled it and approached them. They sold him a little and then they came up with the idea of ​​doing more and selling it to Hindus. The business was a great success and a short time later they were on a farm in the middle of the countryside, buying large amounts of marijuana to turn it into good hashish.

“Peasants came from far away with great bales of marijuana on their heads” they told me. “Some brought very good marijuana and others of very poor quality. But we bought all of them. You could not tell a peasant who had been carrying a bundle for two days without buying the weed. One day we had bought so much that we could hardly get into the fourth-hand Land Rover we had bought. After getting into the car with difficulty, we started the trip back to our farm. But shortly after starting, just behind a curve, we found many police who were waiting for us.”

They were in a Kenyan jail for a year. One of them was a real handyman. In the jails of Kenya it is forbidden to smoke and/or have a lighter. He invented a gadget to make fire and became a very valuable person for the other prisoners. He learned to speak fluent Swahili.

Korogocho is the city’s wholesale market for cannabis. Here there are tons of weed, hidden in bags that contain farm products to confuse the police. The bulk of weed comes from Tanzania and Ethiopia. In this city, vendors are either high or low grade.

The prices are so low that you can think they are cheating you. But remember that medium grade dealers buy their bhangi for $2.00 per kilogram. $1 is exchanged for 100 kenyan shillings. And the “mwzungus”, westerners in swahili, who pay much more than a native, pay about $1 for ten rolled joints. Kenyan citizens pay about $0.10 per joint. The weed has seeds. You must remove them because they explode when the joint is heated.

Policies over cannabis are getting less restrictive across Africa, and Kenya apparently wants to join this tendency. In Kenya, in 2018, Kibra MO Ken Okoth announced introduction of Marijuana Control Bill, in the National Assembly to decriminalize the use of weed. He drew up the rules to use and grow cannabis.

It was not the first attempt to legalize cannabis. Gwada Ogot and Simon Mwaura had opened the door before, asking Parliament to legalize the herb. The petitions were presented in April, 2017 and March, 2018.

However, the idea seems to have lost enthusiasm. Among the lawmakers who were fiercely opposed to it is Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr. But despite the current illegal status of cannabis in Kenya, its sale, growing and use is increasing among the young people.

The proposed bill suggested that legalization of bhangi for medical and recreational use was meant for those who wish to smoke, eat or drink cannabis and that they needed to get a license for it.

But so far, weed remains being illegal in this beautiful country. However, if you are prudent and go to the hotels before indicated, buying very good marijuana will be easy and cheap.

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