How to make super soil for cannabis cultivation

How to make super soil for cannabis cultivation

Organic cannabis cultivation

If you want to grow organic cannabis, you should learn a few things about the soil.  A organic substrate is possibly the most important and often most disregarded aspect of the entire cultivation process. It is in the soil where life starts. A good substratum will give good roots. It is like a house. It is impossible to build a good house without good foundations.

Very often, we tend to begin with a pre-mixed plastic bag. They aren’t inexpensive, by the way.  They cost $20-$30 a bag. These bags are quite good and an excellent way to start. But not everybody can afford these prices. Building your own soil can be just as easy, cost-effective, and accessible as buying a pre-mixed back at the shop. Creating your own super soil will also teach you a few important things on soil science and how the component of your substrate will affect the quality of your cannabis grow.

Key to create super organic soil

The key factor in organic cultivation is soil life. To give you an idea about organic soil you must know that when the substratum is alive, and therefore organic, the smallest sample of it has more EM (Efficient Microorganisms) than human beings in planet Earth. Each organism within this habitat serves its purpose in the web of life. This web is not only virtually self-sustaining, it also has the capabilities to convert and provide the best nutrients for your plants. This occurs because the microorganisms eat the organic materials and after they digest them. These are returned to the soil in an easier format for the roots to assimilate.

The term super soil has been around the organic cannabis community for some time, just when organic cultivation practices were just starting to make their way into the canon of cannabis grow “good praxis”. This custom allows cultivators to grow a high-quality weed without the interference of chemical nutrients that can kill the plants or, at least, burn the roots.

Steps you need to build a super soil

First of all you need to understand what is in your soil. Provided you don’t want to buy substratum and want to use your garden soil, for instance, you must know how it is. Is it compact or fluffy? Is it sandy or claylike? Does it hold moisture or is it dry? Are there worms and insects present? These are all things you can consider by simply using sight and touch.

Once you have done this, it’s time to add any necessary soil amendments. The basic building bricks for plants are based around N-P-K. To build a strong healthy soil, it should have these nutrients readily available for your plants to “eat”.

In order to provide nitrogen (N), there are certain products you should add to your soil

1 Worm Castings

2 Crustacean Meal

3 Bat Guano

Phosphorus rich nutrients you can adds

1 .Bone Meal

2. Chicken Manure

3. Rock Dust

To add (K) potassium rich nutrients you can add

1.Kelp Meal

2. Wood Ash

3. Compost

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