Worst countries in the world for cannabis users

Worst countries in the world for cannabis users

Countries where you can be punished with death penalty or life sentence imprisonment

Marijuana is being legalized in many countries. It has been a slow process. But unfortunately still remain countries where any activity related to weed is highly punished. You must be aware of this fact when traveling to one of these places. You can get death penalty if you are caught with weed or just cultivating a couple of plants for your own use.


Japan is a country of contrasts. It is a place where obtaining alcohol and the most perverse sexual behaviors is very easy and legal. But if you get caught with a single plant of cannabis you will be in great problem. And on top of it, the citizens are the ones who will betray you. The y will call the police if they see you with a single plant or just smoking a joint. Because of this, getting marijuana in this country is very difficult and expensive. Foreigners caught with a little piece of cannabis will be arrested until the process is finished and deported from the country and forbidden to ever again visit Japan.


Although many states have legalize weed, still remain others where is an important crime. According to the American Civil Liberties Union website cannabis arrests means half of all drug arrests in the US. Black people are almost four times times more likely than white people to be arrested for cannabis related crimes. In Alabama, an old veteran from the army who was suffering from chronic pain, was given a life sentence for cultivating 36 plants.

South Dakota has some of American’s harshest marijuana laws. The simple possession of even the smaller can mean a penalty of one year in jail and a $2000 fine. If you are caught with hash instead of marijuana, the situation is far worse. It is considered a felony  and is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine that can be up to $10,000.


Cannabis has been illegal in this country since 1985. However the plant has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years. But nowadays the situation is completely different. Every year in China people are executed for drug trafficking by either lethal injection or firing squad. The song of the famous actor Jackie Chan was arrested in 2005 for possession of three ounces of marijuana and he was released from jail after 6 months. And he was lucky because the reputation of his father. He was obliged to publicly apologize.


Before the civil war, cannabis was “tolerated”, if the user was discreet. Nowadays, the regime of President Bassar Al Assad has strictly prohibited the use and cultivation of cannabis. You will be given a life sentence if you are caught with small quantities of cannabis. However in those areas controlled by the Kurdish, people cultivate cannabis to get money to escape the tremendous poverty they are facing.

In the other hand, ISIS is growing cannabis and opium to obtain funds for their war. But they grow it to sale it. If you are caught smoking it, you will be publicly executed.


Cultivation and use of cannabis is illegal in these islands since 1972. Marijuana is the second most consumed drug after methamphetamine.  A few grams of weed possession mean 10 years long sentence in some of the worst jails in the world. And the fines can reach up to 8.000 US dollars, which is a fortune for most of the citizens. And you can consider yourself lucky because in 2006 death penalty was abolished.

In 2026 President Duterte declared “war on drugs” and since then Philippine National Police officers and “unidentified vigilantes” have killed over 8000 people suspected of dealing or using drugs. Too many cannabis users have been killed in these islands.

Curiously, before the new situation it was common to see groups of friends discreetly passing around a joint. Those times are gone and people have to be very prudent if they don’t want to take the risk of being killed for smoking a joint.


After centuries of using cannabis, the situation has dramatically changed. Today the mere possession of few grams can make you receive a lashing of at least ten strikes. And it can lead to a five years prison sentence. It carries a fine of up 6.000 dollars if you are caught with over 50 grams. And if you are caught with 200 grams or more you will be given death penalty.

However cannabis is very demanded by tourists.IN the areas where they stay is common to find dealers who sell marijuana. Police are very corrupt and if you get in troubles, you better have money ready to pay the officers.


Cannabis was banned in Singapore in 1870. If you get caught with cannabis, be ready to receive a long term imprisonment plus a fine of $20,000 Singapore dollars. On top of it you will be probably canned. When it comes to trafficking the situation is far worse. If the amount of cannabis is 500 grams or more the death plenty must be granted.

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