Foreign Nations are Warning Their Citizens to Stay Away from Weed in Canada

Foreign nations are warning their citizens to stay away from Weed in Canada

Foreign Nations are Warning Their Citizens to Stay Away from Weed in CanadaInternational organizations are warning their citizens residing in Canada to avoid using cannabis. Now, warnings have been issued by consulates and embassies to their citizens living in Canada. These warnings are mostly focused on cautioning and warning their citizens about the cannabis laws in Canada; different countries are telling their citizens that the possession and consumption of legal cannabis in Canada are still considered as a crime in the land of origin. This means foreign citizens living in Canada should not smoke weed in Canada.

Due to the legalization of Cannabis in Canada on October 17, embassies of Mexico, the U.K., Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, France, and Malaysia have all made statements concerning the legalization of cannabis in Canada. In the meantime, only the Japanese and South Korean embassies are telling their citizens residing in Canada to stay away from weed in Canada because it could lead to legal repercussions when they return home.

South Korea has always had very tough rules when it concerns cannabis, banning both adult and medical use of marijuana. President Park Chung-hee implemented the Cannabis Control Act in 1976. Law enforcement officials in South Korea warned South Koreans are residing in Canada abroad that the Cannabis Control Act isn’t only the law of the land, but the whole world.

According to Korean law, marijuana smokers will face punishment, even if they smoke it in foreign countries where weed is legal.

The Japanese consulate in Canada declared were in favor of South Korean officials. During Canada’s build-up to legalization, the government announced constant warnings to its citizens that the Japanese laws against the possession and use of marijuana may apply to Japanese citizens residing in Canada.

Rather than warning citizens of criminal prosecution, embassies and other foreign countries are guiding their citizens about marijuana use. The Mexican embassy in Canada is preparing a document for that will help Mexican tourists to understand the marijuana laws in Canada. The German embassy is also taking a similar measure but also advising its citizens abroad about laws in their home country. Both Mexico and Germany have not declared warnings about criminal prosecution.

The U.K. and China are slightly warning their citizens abroad that there are still ways to violate the legal cannabis laws in Canada. Those warnings from the Chinese and U.K. consulates, could lead to deportation and thus criminal prosecution back home.

The Canadian government will deport any foreign national who violates national or provincial laws. Due to the diverse development of licensed dispensary in the Canadian market, the abundance of illegal growers and sellers, and the numerous rules and regulations across various provinces, there exists many ways for cannabis smokers to disobey the law. For foreign citizens residing in Canada, going against the bill would lead to criminal prosecutions both at home and in Canada.

Countries that have issued warnings to their citizens residing in Canada like Japan and South Korea have confirmed the difficulty of implementing their country’s cannabis laws in Canada. Therefore, impossible that citizens abroad will be persecuted for weed back home unless they either get caught in Canada or publish it on social media to gather evidence. So, if you’re residing in Canada, try not to carry cannabis with you when traveling back home.

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