Social cannabis clubs in UK

Social cannabis clubs in UK

It is necessary to implement the presence of cannabis clubs

UKCSC ( UK Social Cannabis Clubs) chairman Greg de Hoedt told the Welsh National Assembly that Wales needs to legalize cannabis clubs in order to create new jobs and improve public health while he was giving an speech during the Cannabis Wales Industry last summit.

Greg, who suffers in the first person the absence of social cannabis clubs, explained how the UK health service failed when he suffered from Crohn’s disease and had to go to the US to get what he needed: cannabis.

With clear sadness on his face, he explained how he had to travel to the USA to get his medicine. He told that fortunately he had some friends in the US whore ran dispensaries and grew their own medical strains. They invited to visit them and get what he needed. His friends could give him cannabis oils and the perfect weed for his needs to treat the Crohn’s disease he is suffering. Gred couldn’t get the help he needed in the UK.

In Colorado he could get cannabis oil. He explained how within two weeks he had gone from using a walking stick to climb the Rocky Mountains. He felt how his life completely changed. After being told he was going to die, he saw how his life experienced a new opportunity.

He spent six months in Colorado and then returned with the idea of creating something similar in the UK. He had a Youtube channel with a million views, which he used to connect with other citizens who wanted to develop a better system in the UK.

He helped to create the UK Cannabis Social Clubs in 2011. In fact, UK is far behind California or Colorado in this sense. Most people don’t know the cannabis social clubs in the US or Spain; a country with more than 1000 cannabis clubs.

He expressed his sadness for people who, being in their 20s and 30s, and loving cannabis, couldn’t access social cannabis clubs. They cannot accept the legal status while cannabis is being legalized in many industrialized countries. In the US, people with the same age are growing cannabis and being paid for it instead of being arrested.

After reading in the media how cannabis had helped so many children with epilepsy, it was absolutely necessary to force the government to admit the plant’s therapeutic value. People in UK, even those who are non-consumers, support the change in cannabis policies.

Howard Marks

Howard Marks is already a great Welsh icon. He showed the whole world his relationship with cannabis and some books have been written about his life. Having such a icon in Welsh, citizens think cannabis is part of the history of Wales.

Wales is the first country in UK to give Sativex to MS patients while it is being denied in the rest of UK. Very few people are being prescribed this product and, therefore, many patients continue feeling a hard pain.

Greg continued explaining that many people had contact their organization because police were arresting them after had raided their plants.

Recently an officer shot a man dead in a cannabis raid. This is evident that prohibiting cannabis kills.

Greg said they have private social clubs for people over the age of 18. You need to prove you are adult and the club asks you to come with a member. He said he is sure the police are always around. “In fact there must be some cops just here” he told the public.

The clubs are created for the members only. These clubs are the only way people have to avoid the black market. Of course, members have to pay an annual fee and they are told the best way to grow their cannabis plants. There are over 70 clubs working with UKCSC and about 160 cannabis clubs in the rest of UK.

Most citizens in UK ignore that cannabis is grown by criminal organizations. These organizations have small children locked up in houses where they are poorly fed and never see sunshine. The mafia takes away their passports. Every now and then the police arrest some children. In the meantime, the organization is obtaining £30,000 a crop that needs 3 months to be harvested. It is a lot of money for something people should be able to grow themselves.

Cannabis social clubs are excellent places for sick people. Doctors give them pills and tell them to go home. However, cannabis social clubs give these people the chance to get out of home and share their experiences with other people. Greg explained that recently a patient thanked him for making him feel normal for one day.

So far, there are five cannabis social clubs in Wales. They are working with the Police Crime Commissioner in North Wales, Arfon Jones, who has been very helpful. It is very nice for the clubs to have support from an elected official because when the clubs go to the MPs, they get nothing. The clubs in UK have little support from MPs. Norman Lamb and Paul Flynn and Leanne Wood are currently supporting the creation of social cannabis clubs in the country.

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