New Bill in New Mexico Would Permit Medical Marijuana in Schools

New bill in New Mexico would permit Medical Marijuana in schools

According to a new bill introduced in the New Mexico state Senate, children will be allowed to use medical marijuana in schools. The bill also called Senate Bill 204, is sponsored by Sen. Candace Gould, a Republican from Albuquerque.

If the bill successfully passes, students with a medical marijuana certification and a treatment plan will be allowed to use cannabis medications at school. The treatment plan would be signed by the principal of the school and the legal guardian of the student. Cannabis would be orchestrated by certified school personnel or legal guardians only. Students won’t be allowed to administer cannabis medications singlehandedly or keep them on school properties. According to the bill, the utilization of cannabis medications would not be allowed to cause “destruction to the educational atmosphere or lead other students to be viable to medical cannabis,” School districts that successfully prove that they have lost or would lose federal funds by establishing the measure would be granted an exception.

Lindsay Sledge traveled from Utah to New Mexico to successfully gain access to cannabis medications for her five-year-old daughter Paloma, who is suffering from a seizure disorder. According to the mother of three children, cannabis is the only medication that can treat her daughter’s condition, but the medical marijuana laws in New Mexico are affecting Paloma chances of returning to school. She continues to hope that Gould’s bill will be recognized in different states.

Sledge said that if the bill is successful, it’s going to be a prominent example for other states who are currently battling with this issue.

Sledge also said that she hopes that officials at Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) will strongly favor the measure.

Sledge added that she’s hopeful APS that will reinstate this if it’s successfully passed because they would be establishing the standard for all districts in the state. Sledge said that if the law changes, she hopes that it will be a simple transition.

The president of the APS Board of Education President, David Peercy is still to consider the proposed legislation.

David Percy stated that the bill or the issue, in general, have not yet been discussed, so there is currently no board position. He also said that their government relations staff would keep him updated concerning the bill, and even other education-related bills. When the bill progresses, the board and administration can decide to take a position.

Sledge called for lawmakers to pass SB 204 by stating that children in New Mexico who depend on medical cannabis as a treatment to their severe conditions are being refused an education. She also said that hopefully lawmakers would listen to the stories from these families and vote yes on bill 204. The present Lynn & Erin Compassionate act doesn’t favor children who are medical cannabis patients, and this needs to be changed. There are presently different states with comprehensive laws that permit medical cannabis at school. She finally added that she hopes New Mexico will follow suit and her daughter will soon have the ability to attend school with the healing medicine she desires.

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