Mike Tyson Wants to Start a TV Show based on His Life as a Cannabis Grower

Mike Tyson wants to start a TV Show based on his life as a Cannabis grower

The former world undisputed heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson is set to start producing a show based on his life as cannabis lover. According to a report from Page Six of the New York Post, the former boxer and world champion will produce a television show about his life as a cannabis grower and entrepreneur. Mike Tyson has already started creating the movie with “Rolling With the Punches” at the Tyson Ranch office near Los Angeles in El Segundo, California. The movie will feature Tyson, his security guard Chuck Zito, and Russell Peters as his “unworthy best friend.”

According to Tyson, the first season of the show will be loosely based on his real life.

Tyson said that he would merely be playing the role of a retired boxer who loves growing marijuana. He will play as himself so that viewers can see how his life will look like in different scenes.

A previous top executive at Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Fox, called Rob Hickman will play the role of Tyson’s partner in the television series. Different television networks have already started posting promotional videos about the series and Hickman, who is the producer of the show, said the movie would begin airing in five months.

Tyson stated that he is a medicinal marijuana enthusiast and that many professional athletes utilize it to treat conditions including pain, inflammation, and anxiety. He also said that he smokes weed every day.

Tyson’s fantastic knockout win in a bout with Andrew Golota in October 2000 was overturned to “no contest” after it was discovered that he had been consuming marijuana.

In 2017, a few days before recreational cannabis sales was legalized in California, a moving ceremony was held at Mike Tyson’s Ranch found in California City, California, which is about 110 miles north of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert. According to the mayor of the city of California, Jennifer Wood Mayor, the cannabis resort visualized for the location could assist in driving economic growth for the desert town. The community wants to persuade legal cannabis businesses in the city of California to locate in the site. Tyson’s business partners Hickman and Jay Strommen were also present at the ceremony.

According to Hickman, unused lands are set to face development.

About twenty acres of the ranch will be set aside for the cultivation of cannabis, and it will permit professional growers to have total control of their environment.

Another part of the ranch will also be set aside for the Tyson Cultivation School which will train cannabis growers. Cannabis industry infrastructure such as an extraction facility, edibles factory, and hydroponic farming supply store will also be established on the site. Cabins, “glamping” grounds, an amphitheater and other facilities for students and visitors will also be constructed at the Tyson Ranch.

Tyson Holistic, a company that is staffed mostly by veterans, will be responsible for operating the range. The site will be situated near the Edwards Air Force Base and Tyson Holistic firm whose main priority is to take care of service people and veterans. The company wants to offer new jobs and economic opportunity for the community.

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