Greece Organizes First Government-Backed Medical cannabis Expo

Greece Organizes First Government-Backed Medical Cannabis Expo

The Greek capital of Athens will host about 120 businesses, exhibitors, entrepreneurs, and innovators who will converge to present medical marijuana products, technology, and applications to the general public. However, this huge cannabis event won’t be dealing solely with marijuana. Politicians all over the nation will also be part of the event to gain support for the government’s ambition to create revenue through a legal medical marijuana industry.

In 2017, Greece was the sixth nation in the EU to make medical marijuana legal, joining other countries such as the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Finland and of course, the Netherlands.

According to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras statement at a press conference, Greece will be switching its page, as the nation is now among the countries where the delivery of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal.

The choice showed the nation’s history meeting up with itself. According to History, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus first mentioned cannabis in Western literature.

After several months, Greece’s Deputy Minister for Agriculture Yiannis Tsironis started calling for full adult-use legalization, involving allowing Greek citizens to cultivate cannabis at home privately.

Indeed, Greece carried the pro-marijuana momentum into the “Balkannabis Expo.” Government officials openly supported the event. The event will hopefully facilitate the medical cannabis industry in Greece.

The Balkannabis Expo wasn’t the only cannabis trade fair to take place in Athens. In 2017, Athens hosted a similar event that pleased international investors and companies, such as firms from Canada and Israel.

Greece has been facing economic difficulties which have placed the nation in a dreadful financial situation. The nation had a lot of debts and had to acknowledge the severe sanctions imposed in bailout negotiations with European vendors.

The progressive SYRIZA government of Greece trusts that medical cannabis can offer the highly needed boost to the economic recovery of the nation. Thus, Prime Minister Tsipras’s constant investments in the industry and ways to legalize cannabis.

Interestingly, Tsipras’s party forecasts $2.3 billion in revenue from the growing and manufacture of medical marijuana.

The Balkannabis Expo is mainly focused on bringing more support among voters and the greater public. However, the expo will also provide government officials the chance to know the industry leaders and investors. The situation of legal cannabis is prevalent within Greeks.

Each portion of the medical marijuana industry was present at the Balkannabis Expo. Companies such as health and nutrition, seed producers and breeders, hemp clothing and textile manufacturers, and even medical researchers were present in Athens to support the social, economic, and public health benefits of cannabis.

The expo also consisted of 35 motivational speakers from different countries around the world, offering lectures on medical marijuana and its benefits. The exhibition also offered a medium for patients who cultivate their cannabis. Other people spoke about how cannabis has improved their quality of life.

The expo received support from the Ministry of Rural Development, the Municipality of Athens, the Region of Attica, and the General Secretariat for Industry and primary decision-makers in government.

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