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New marijuana related products

Marijuana related products. The golden age of the cannabis industry.

Marijuana related products. These five products were presented in 2017 and they are supposed to become a hit in 2018. Indeed 2018 brought about many milestones. Denver City Council extended the dispensary opening hours. Thornton City Council approved the county’s first recreational cannabis dispensary, and Colorado established fresh legal cannabis rules and regulations. No doubt cannabis is living its golden age.

It is this industry expansion that has led to the development of many new cannabis products. Despite the fact the industry is still, for the most part, illegal, it cannot be ignored the profitability that comes with being involved in such a blooming industry.

Therefore, we are going to have a look to some of the products recently presented in the market.

marijuana related products1 – Seedo

This fully-automated home grow unit is a wonder for busy growers. It has been developed in Israel and is a compact cannabis-growing tool similar in size to a mini-refrigerator. It is device able to do everything related with growing cannabis. It distributes the correct type and amount of nutrients, lighting and water. And when the harvest comes, Seedo sends a message straight to the user’s app-installed mobile device.




2- SuperCritical IPA

In 2017 Lagunitas Brexing , a beer company, developed a terpene-infused IPA brew. Made with hops the SuperCritical IPA will be served at an increasing number of locations in 2018.

Since cannabis terpenes are excellent for anxiety and induce night sleep, Lagunitas beer has included these terpenes from the Super Critical and now people can enjoy non.psychoactive IPA infused with cannabis derived terpenes.


3 – Sensi Chew

If you suffer from insomnia or want to ease arthritis-related pain without dosing up on painkillers, you always can medicate yourself with Sensi Chew.

It contains a THC dominant cannabinoid profile. All together is a mixture of chocolate caramel-bound melatonin and THC.





4- Bliss Pen

It is a just a dosist. It is a disposable preloaded pen containing cannabis oil with a THC:CBD ratio of 9:1.

Every “touch” releases 2.25 mg of cannabis oil, It has not filters or additives and has superior heating technology and airflow control. With every pen the users have about 200 doses.




marijuana related products AeroInhaler-Concentrate-Cannabis-THC5 – Aero Inhaler

This THC – infused inhaler has become a wonder among the cannabis users.

It is completely reliable. It is handheld that delivers pure cannabis distillate, This Aero Inhaler delivers metered doses of terpene – rich THC.




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