Legal Weed in Canada Might be facing drought for a Year

Legal weed in Canada might be facing drought for a year

Last month, cannabis advocates around the world celebrated the legalization of cannabis in Canada. However, the celebrations have been cut shut because the nation is already facing huge problems regarding cannabis supply.

This problem has been so massive to the extent that the nation’s stores and provinces have entirely run out of marijuana stock. Furthermore, a few analysts believe that it might take a year or two before the country meets up with the demand for cannabis.

When the sale of legal marijuana became effective on October 17, dispensaries and online shops in the nation were filled with customers. Thus, the cannabis industry in Canada had a promising start.

However, after two weeks of sales, the cannabis industry in Canada has failed to meet up with demand. Many provinces are currently out of cannabis stock, but the market has only been increasing.

This shortage in supply of cannabis has made some dispensaries to temporarily shut their doors while others have reduced their working hours. Most online businesses are now listing their products as “out of stock.”

The analyst has stated that Canada’s extreme cannabis shortage is due to several, but closely related reasons.

For beginners, there’s a simple fact that legal marijuana is highly demanded. On the first day of marijuana sales, thousands of customers were queued up in front of many dispensaries. And the demand kept on increasing for several days in some places.

Due to the high demand, dispensaries have been finding difficulties to restoke products on their shelves. And these shops find problems when they try to order more marijuana.

According to reports from Vice, provinces are responsible for supplying cannabis and cannabis products to dispensaries. Thus, many areas lack enough marijuana to supply stores regularly.

Furthermore, licensed growers are struggling to meet up with the demand for marijuana. Therefore, the real reason behind the shortage in marijuana retailers isn’t getting the supply they need from their licensed growers.

According to some analyst, the shortage of marijuana is because of the lack of expertise among the country’s licensed growers. Some cultivation experts are saying that many businesspeople and agricultural farmers don’t have the necessary skills to grow high-quality weed efficiently consistently.

However, some people have a different perspective. For instance, most people think that the shortage of marijuana is because producers in Canada don’t have the required facilities. However, according to the experts, there’s no problem with licensed growers, they need time to fasten weed production.

Nonetheless, the immediate demand for legal marijuana has requested to exceed supply highly. Therefore, suppliers will need more time before the product becomes accessible to customers.

The growing process of marijuana requires months before the plant reaches maturity after that, it will take some time before the plant is harvested, dried, cured, and shipped.

Thus, suppliers will need at least 18 months before supply meets up with demand. Now, people who want to buy legal weed in Canada could be facing a dry market.

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