Owls against illegal pot farming

Owls against illegal pot farming

Open war between California illegal pot farms and owls

If the owls had a say in the polls, they probably would have voted against the marijuana legalization bill. Obviously owls are not too conservative or have something against the people who smoke pot.

The reason is a question of life. In fact, these birds are really friendly when you get to know them a little. But what owls are absolutely opposed to is the illegal farming of outdoor cannabis. Why? Do they have moral convictions about it? The reason is simple, illegal weed growers use rat and other rodents poison to protect their crops from these animals infestation in the California.

As I said, the problem is not only for the endangered and protected owls in the Golden State. Many other mammals found dead in the wild and after being checked, rat poison has been found in their corpses. Even humans beings are at risk because the poison can find its way inside the crop and end up inside the pot users organism.

For these and many other reasons, California officials recently cracked down on illegal pot farms all over California. According to late research made about it, the impact on the environment and wildlife is tremendous. On top of it, most of these farms which are run by drug cartels use pesticides that pollute the streams and waterways and risk the lives of many endangered species.

The situation is getting even worse for fishers being poisoned by rodenticides on illegal marijuana grow sites in the state, according to a study by a team of researchers led by the University of California. The study, published Nov. 4 , 2017 in the journal PLOS ONE, says that increasing numbers of fishers are being exposed to poison and eventually dying from greater varieties of rodenticides found at trespass pot farms.

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