Medical Marijuana is legalized in the Californian City of Fresno

Medical Marijuana is legalized in the Californian City of Fresno

Medical cannabis patients, caregivers, and advocates in the California City of Fresno finally voted for the legalization of medical dispensaries. Similar to different states across the US, the California city had made resolutions denying the access of medical and adult-use cannabis industries in the state. But members of City Council acknowledged a specific of regulations which allows the retail of medical cannabis and setting zoning rules for growers, distributors, and manufacturers.

However, some individuals have stated that the medical-only plan doesn’t go far enough. According to Marek Warszawki, a longtime critic of city council’s stance on legal marijuana, the measure won’t do enough to curb the well-established cannabis black market.

Moreover, well established is correct. One count states that the cannabis market of Fresno favors 70 unlicensed dispensaries and 40 delivery services. However, the city council will allow only seven retail dispensaries to launch in the first nine months while license applications are being reviewed to confirm seven other dispensaries. According to Council Member Olivier, a Republican who is seen as a Libertarian, the vote was a big move in the fight against the black market of cannabis that has destroyed many communities for a long time.

More precisely, maybe it’s a little move in favor of reigniting some of the money which is lost by Fresno because of its slow and traditional acceptance of the cannabis industry. For instance, although the retail of cannabis is illegal in Fresno, inhabitants still can order marijuana from different cities and have it delivered at their doorsteps. However, the taxes on the purchase of cannabis stems from the point of origin in towns surrounding Fresno. Thus when Olivier received his Proposition A from taxing the sales and production of cannabis on the ballot, 71 percent of Fresno voters agreed.

In August 2017, the city of Fresno, California passed a bill to ban cannabis businesses selling adult-use marijuana with a 4-3 vote. The diverse council started seeking for the help of a consultant to assist in shaping the legislation which was considered by many as based on panic and one guy’s fear. Division among members of the council slowed down progress on ordinances to allow residents of Fresno to at least cultivate their cannabis. Public opinions concerning the ban and related problems were stated as harsh. The views of residents based on the retail industry clashed while many increased the demand to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries.

In reaction to those demands, the council of Fresno City installed a three-member task force to research how to approach the legalization of the sales and distribution of medical cannabis. Since research on the issue would also slow down any action on it, opposition council members agreed. However, the counter tactic misfired when the task force return with various opinions, one concerning medical and the other for adult-use sales, and advocated for both. The report of the task force shocked anti-industry council members and even the police chief of Fresno. After all, the medical-only proposal of Olivier sounded like a good deal.

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