Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Guam

Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Guam

Cannabis in Guam

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in this small and beautiful island which was a former Spanish colony. Guam has all the attributes that are needed to be called paradise. Guam is located at the following coordinates: 13.5 ° N 144.5 ° E and has a total area of ​​544 square kilometers. It is a real paradise in the south of Mariana Islands. Its political status reminds of Puerto Rico; a protectorate of the USA. The climate is tropical, hot and humid.

Its almost 200000 citizens will legally enjoy recreational marijuana soon. The governor has signed a new law allowing recreational marijuana on the U.S. island territory. Yes indeed, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero signed the new bill last Thursday. From that day on, people whose age is 21 or older, are close to be able to posses up to 28 grams (one ounce) of cannabis and growing up to sex plants. According to his statements, he wants to regulate the substance, illegal until now, because it is the most widely used drug in the island. The Government wanted to legalize the cannabis in order to control its use and effects, in addition to the medical and economic benefits. It is a question of democracy to allow the people to live as they wish within a safe environment.

People in Guam cannot legally purchase cannabis without a proper regulation that is being developed by the recently created Cannabis Control Board. This team of experts has up to one year, counting since last Thursday, to create the rules. The law obliges the nine members of the board to oversee the tests, the manufacturing, the licensing and packaging.

Sen. Clynto Ridget explained that Guam needs a proper cannabis testing center before the sales start. It has always been a community matter and the fight is not over yet, stated Clynt Ridgell. He asks the people to keep on following the rules that the Cannabis Control Board are creating in order to promote an adult and responsible use of cannabis.

The new law allows growing six plants for personal use and it is prohibited consuming cannabis in public and, of course, driving under the effects of its effects.

According to the new law, employers can enforce cannabis-free places in their companies. The governor is quite strict in this sense. He stated that Guam will continue enforcing zero-tolerance of cannabis in the workplaces.

Medical cannabis was legal in the island since 2014.

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