Seeing the future at Cannabis Capital Conference

Seeing the future at Cannabis Capital Conference

Medical Marijuana leaders discuss industry’s future at Cannabis Capital Conference

Leaders in the medical marijuana Industry such as Liberty Health Sciences, Tidal Royalty, Organigram and Mjardin talked about the fate of medical marijuana on Friday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference.

Liberty Health Sciences-LHSIF 6.04%

According to George Scorsis, the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, “This Company is one of the first and most influential companies nationwide.” He also said, “The Company’s main catalyst is geography.”

At the Toronto conference, Scorsis talked about how the company has remained so concentrated on dominating Florida. Scorsis said “When we get in, we operate and build a business. We don’t go into states and buy paper or permits — we want to gain bench strength.”

Scorsis listed the features of Liberty’s business including:

Concentrating on Florida, Massachusetts, and Ohio. The company is currently taking a look at different states.
A team of skilled and experienced members
Mid-term opportunities that are significant for growth, for example, the expansion of an R&D facility.
Aphria’s association in the business. Scorsis said, “we are the white knight for them in the U.S,”

Tidal Royalty-TDRYF 3.19%

According to tidal CEO Paul Rosen, tidal is one of the leading cannabis sovereignty organizations to be useful in markets across the United States.

Rosen said “When she began in the cannabis business in Canada, it was startling. It was hazardous by reputation.”

As per Rosen’s introduction, the organization does the following including:

The business maintains non-dilutive capital.
Has the capacity to fund expansion items, which according to Rosen, makes for an irresistible opportunity to invest.
It is still among a few organizations recorded on Canadian trade that exchanges U.S. dollars.
Future investors in Tidal ought to consider three inquiries to decide if the stock is an ideal choice for them, Rosen stated:

Do you have confidence in business extension in the U.S. cannabis industry?

Do you believe royalty financing is a conventional method to expand on enhanced exposure?

Has Tidal formed a group and an item that catches your eye?

Organigram-OGRMF 1.92%

According to the CFO of Organigram Paolo De Luca, the company is among the top 10 organizations that have a merchant’s permit, a requirement for becoming an international player in the market.

The following reasons are why De Luca believes Organigram is a substantial investment prospect:

A three-level indoor grow facility, with considerable time spent on planning.
An administration group that concentrates on the past, present and future.
An expansion of 10,000 patients since May 2017.
The presence of low-cost operation areas in Canada.
The presence of multilingual branding and services.
De Luca said “We have extremely centered our endeavors on the grown-up recreational market, with opportunities beyond the border,”

Mjardin Group

The president of Mjardin Group, Joann Bailey, pointed out the organization’s fundamental operations in Colorado, and additionally its extension plans and future development pillars:

Operations in Canada, Australia, and the United States.
Elite management with GrowForce.
Plans for proprietor-administrator agreements in various states.
The improvement of data software to enhance business operations.
Bailey said “We have carefully gathered information on everything engaged with our facilities. This will give us the capacity to figure out what we have to do with every asset, to guarantee they are solid and great,” He added that “All that we do today is for the future and proactive, not responsive.”

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