Lawyers in California Clarify That Home Weed Deliveries are Legal State-Wide

Lawyers in California clarify that home weed deliveries are legal State-Wide

California weed deliveries. Since the start of 2018, California legalized the sales of recreational cannabis. However, there are still some loopholes and uncertainty being sorted out.

Recently, state officials in California confirmed uncertainty regarding home delivery. The officials stated that the cannabis laws in California allow home delivery in all parts of the state—including zones that have decided to prohibit the sale of cannabis.

Most recently, the Bureau of Cannabis Control of California approved and released numerous pages of regulations and language which clarifies rules controlling the adult-use marijuana laws of the state.

The most significant rules mentioned by the Bureau is based on home delivery. More significantly, the Bureau today clarified that California law permits for home cannabis deliveries in each jurisdiction.

Therefore, home deliveries can be conducted in locations which permit the occurrence of retail operations, and also areas where retail operations are not allowed.

Under California’s cannabis laws, local county or city governments can regulate marijuana-related activity. And that includes deciding whether or not to allow dispensaries to open.

Since recreational retail went online at the beginning of 2018, there have been many jurisdictions that have chosen to ban retail shops from opening.

But there is still some controversy on how those bans affect home deliveries. Nevertheless, local governments usually fight for strict access to cannabis. And most areas want to be given the freedom to determine how to control home deliveries.

Alternatively, most consumers and marijuana advocacy groups want the legalization of home deliveries all over the state.

The actions from the Bureau of Cannabis Control could help in rectifying this controversy. According to officials within the agency, local governments don’t have the right to ban delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads.

But officials according to the eyes of officials, this means that no local jurisdictions will be permitted to ban home delivery of marijuana. And this involves areas that want to stop retail cannabis sales.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control has stated that the agency is not establishing a new rule. However, officials at the Bureau noted that they are just restating laws that were already created. Anyway, the agency decision to endorse home delivery all over the state is already leading to confusion. According to reports from the local media, police chiefs and various critics around the state, including the League of California Cities, are not in favor of the rule.

Generally, these groups contend that the rule underestimates local control over cannabis activity. Moreover, officials in the state contend that home delivery could be a step towards unregulated marijuana sales and distribution.

However, for many people living in the state, the clarification of the bureau is being appraised. Specifically, consumers living in areas where retail sales have been banned view home delivery as their only real way to buy legal cannabis.

That is undoubtedly true for medical marijuana patients. In most areas that have banned dispensaries, patients are finding difficulties to access cannabis. However, home deliveries could be a certified way to get their medication.

According to reports by the local media, the confusion could be brought before judges. On the other hand, it could initiate future legislative considerations.

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