BHO TERP SAUCE (Butane Hash Oil)

The essence of Terp Sauce

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, especially BHO (Butane Hash Oil) it all depends on how the combinations of solvents and cannabis is processed and purged.

When we think we have reached the peak of extractions, suddenly another way comes up and forefront the market of cannabis.

Wherever you go you can hear that sauce is the ultimate way of extractions and it is here to last forever unrivaled. When it comes to Sauce BHO, cannabis users seem to have made up their minds: it is forever.

Sauce is not nucleated shatter. This must be clear. Nucleation is an elemental chemical process, on which solid and liquid ingredients, in a suspension or emulsification, become separated.

Terp sauce, also known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE), is a very powerful cannabis extract full of highly aromatic terpenes. A good Sauce can have about 65% of these delicious molecules that taste and smell like nothing else.

Most cannabis smokers can tell the difference between the organoleptic properties of different strains. Why does this happen? Is it a question of the different way we cultivate the strains? Is it a question of substratum used in the culture? Is it a question of the climates? All these factors are relevant. When you take a walk on a rose garden you clearly can smell a different way. It happens the same thing when you are in a pine trees forest. The reason behind is because every species have different terpenes that produce their particular smell. It happens the same with cannabis.

These lovely smell produced by some strains are due to the terpenes the variety has. Therefore, some strains rich in Valencene smell like fresh oranges from Valencia. If the strains contain much Myrcene, the smell will remind us of tropical fruits. Limonene is another terpene that smells like lemon fruit. Therefore, the terpenes each strain contains, are responsible for the scent it produces..

Terp sauce has managed to multiply the flavors and smell that each cannabis user loves in a particular strain. Every user has his favorite strain due to its particular terpenes. Terp sauce gets the highest dose of each terpene his favorite strain has.

The reinforcement effect

Terpenes are more than the reason why certain strains smell the way they do. They can alter the psychoactive effect of the plant. The power of terp sauce gives users the chance to get to know the terpenes that are producing the characteristics of their favorite cannabis varieties.

The reinforcement effect, also known as the entourage effect, is the synergy produced among certain cannabis chemicals compounds. It can happen between cannabinoids and terpenes and the result is a boost of the medical values of the plant.

How do we do Terp Sauce

To make Terp Sauce you must use butane gas. That is why this type of extract is named BHO (Butane Hash Oil). You must use the fresh plant or even better, freeze the plant before you continue with the process. This way you can absorb all the terpenes contained in the plant.

The BHO extraction system begins with filling all up the extraction tube with your flowers until the tube is completely air-free. A mesh screen must be placed on one end of the tube. Then, the tube is retained over a dish and the gas if forced trough it. The liquid that gets out on the other end and inside the dish should have a gold quality to it.

After this, it comes the purging that is used to remove the valuable oils. Purging for terp sauce is done in a different way and is often dubbed “diamond mining.” The gold liquid must be placed inside a cold and dark place for at least 15 days.

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